Ban urges dialogue in Bahrain

MANAMA — UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon has called on all parties in Bahrain to exercise maximum restraint and urged the authorities to act in accordance with their international human rights obligations.

In a statement on Wednesday, the UN Secretary-General expressed concern on reports of clashes between security forces and demonstrators over the past few days. The Secretary-General strongly believes that a genuine and all-inclusive and meaningful dialogue is the only way to promote peace and stability in the country.

The Secretary-General reiterated his call to the Bahraini authorities to do everything possible to expedite the implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Commission of Inquiry, especially its provisions aimed at effective confidence-building measures.

Ban’s statement came in the wake of escalation in violence to mark the first anniversary of unrest on February 14. Protesters sought to reoccupy a heavily guarded location in Manama that was their sit-in last year. All attempts to reach there have failed so far. Rioting and vandalism are still common in most villages.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Public Security told Bahrain TV on Wednesday that the police increased presence of security personnel all over the Kingdom in an attempt to preempt unlawful or violent acts of sabotage, and emphasised that the situation was now calm and stable.

A number of saboteurs had attacked security personnel stationed all over Bahrain. Miscreants used Molotov cocktails and metal rods to create roadblocks. The police official said a number of people were arrested and attempts to create disturbances were thawarted.

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