'Not your servant': Video of passenger, cabin crew in heated argument on India-bound flight goes viral

Tempers ran high on issue related to meals chosen by certain passengers


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Published: Wed 21 Dec 2022, 10:21 PM

Last updated: Wed 21 Dec 2022, 11:11 PM

After a video of a heated argument between a passenger and an air hostess in Indigo's Delhi-bound international flight went viral on social media, the airline on Wednesday stated that it is 'cognizant' of the needs of its customers and that it was looking into the incident.

In a viral video, the crew member could be seen telling a passenger, who is not visible, not to shout. "You pointed the finger at me, yelling at me. My crew is crying because of you; please try to understand that there is a cart and there are counters uplifted. We can always serve what you want," she could be heard saying in the video.

The man was then heard shouting, "Why are you yelling" and the crew member responded sternly saying, "Because you are yelling at us."

"No, I am so sorry, Sir. You cannot talk to the crew like that. I am peacefully listening to you with all due respect. But you have to respect the crew as well." she was heard saying in the video.

The crew member said, "I am sorry, you cannot talk to me like that. I am an employee here. Yes, I am an employee and I am not your servant."

IndiGo, after the video went viral on social media issued a statement. "We are aware of the incident that took place on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16, 2022, it said.

The airline said that the issue was related to meals chosen by certain passengers travelling via a codeshare connection.

"IndiGo is cognizant of the needs of its customers and it is our constant endeavour to provide a courteous and hassle-free experience to our customers," the airline said in its statement.

"We are looking into the incident and would like to assure that customers comfort has always been our top priority. We are committed to providing the best experience at all times," the statement added.


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