Boys, age 6 and 3, drive parents' car to go to toy store; crash into lamppost in Malaysia

The boys sneaked out of their home when their mum was in the bathroom and their father was asleep — apparently, they just wanted to buy a new toy car


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Photo source: Facebook
Photo source: Facebook

Published: Thu 11 May 2023, 9:04 PM

Two minor brothers, aged six and three, who took their parents' car for a late-night spin, ended up ramming it into a lamppost on Wednesday night on the Malaysian island of Langkawi, reported CNN.

Apparently, the reason behind their ride was their late-night urge to buy a new toy car.

Langkawi police chief Shariman Ashari said the car, the boys were driving, a silver Toyota Vioas, caught the attention of other drivers who chased them as they thought the driver was "drunk," CNN reported.

He also said the boys had sneaked out of their home in the car while their "mother was in the bathroom and father was asleep." They drove around 2.5km before they crashed into a lamppost, damaging the car's bonnet, Shariman added.

He also said: "The driver was a minor aged six, who was driving a passenger — his brother, aged three. The crash occurred when the car, travelling from Ulu Melaka towards Kampung Nyior Chabang, lost control and crashed into a lamppost near Kampung Titi Chanwang."

A 95-second-long video shows the two boys sitting in the driver's seat, wearing casual shirts and red pants, as per CNN.

In the now-viral video, they can be heard telling passersby that they are heading to a toy store to purchase a model car. The elder boy exclaims in Malay, "Mama is at home and we are going to the store." While, the younger one shouts, "Mama is at home and we are going to the store."

The police also said that the elder boy sustained a cut on his chin while his brother remained uninjured. The police have not named either child.

They added that the case is being investigated under Section-43 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving, reported CNN.


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