Alia Bhatt photo leak controversy: 4 other times Bollywood stars slammed paparazzi, fans for invading privacy

The actress called out a media outlet this week for posting private photos of her inside her home without her consent, even tagging the Mumbai Police

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Published: Wed 22 Feb 2023, 8:30 PM

Last updated: Thu 23 Feb 2023, 12:07 AM

As a public figure, having interactions with paparazzi or fans that may violate the boundaries of personal space are not wholly uncommon. While some celebrities are notoriously guarded when it comes to their private lives, others are more forthcoming with fans and the press. Regardless, however, prominent several Bollywood celebrities have spoken out about incidents where images of them have been circulated without their consent; including Alia Bhatt, who took to social media this week to slam a media house for taking private photos of her inside her home without her consent, even tagging the Mumbai Police to take action.

"Are you kidding me?", she wrote. "I was at my house having a perfectly normal afternoon sitting in my living room when I felt something watching me.... I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighbouring building with a camera right at me! In what world is this okay and allowed?"

In light of Bhatt's experience, here are 4 more times when Bollywood celebrities took to social media to slam those who violated their personal space, and right to a private life.

Fan films Virat Kohli's hotel room

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli was in for a distressing shock during India’s match against South Africa in the Super 12 stage of the ICC World T20 2022, when he came across a video showing a detailed tour of the inside of a hotel room – startlingly, his own. An unidentified fan posted a clip on social media of Kohli's hotel room that gives viewers a detailed glimpse of the cricketer's personal belongings, including his clothes, shoes and hats – and even the inside of his suitcase and his toiletries.

"I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favourite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that", Kohli took to Instagram to say, uploading the 30-second clip. "But this video here is appalling and it’s made me feel very paranoid about my privacy. If I cannot have privacy in my own hotel room, then where can I really expect any personal space at all?? I’m NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and not treat them as a commodity for entertainment."

His wife, Anushka Sharma, also took to social media to slam the “absolute disgrace” of an incident, writing: “Have experienced a few incidents where some fans have shown no compassion or grace in the past but this really is the worst thing. An absolute disgrace and violation of a human being and anyone who sees this and thinks celebrity ho toh deal karna padega (If you are a celebrity then you will have to deal with this) should know that you are also part of the problem.”

Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli's daughter's photo's leaked

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Despite requesting the paparazzi on numerous occasions to respect their privacy and refrain from posting images of their daughter, Vamika, on social media, media outlets nonetheless continued to breach the privacy of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli's by sharing images of the child that soon went viral on the Internet.

The actress lashed out at the news portal, taking to the comment section of their post to say: “Seems like they know what’s better for kids than their parents themselves as they can’t stop clicking and posting photos despite being requested repeatedly.”

The actress had also previously called out the same outlet for invading her personal space and leaking images of the couple sitting in the balcony of their home.

"Despite requesting the said photographer and the publication, they still continue to invade our privacy. Guys! Stop this right now!", she posted.

Deepika Padukone vs Times of India

In September 2014, Bollywood superstar Deepika Padkone took to her official Facebook page to slam newspaper Times of India (TOI) for publishing an inappropriate picture of the actress' chest area. In a long open letter addressed to the outlet, the Pathaan actress slammed TOI for its invasion of her privacy, focusing particularly on the objectification of women by the press.

“I am not naive about my own profession; it is one that requires lots of demanding things of me", Padukone wrote. "A character may demand that I be clothed from head to toe or be completely naked, and it will be my choice as an actor whether or not I take either. Understand that this is a ROLE and not REAL, and it is my job to portray whatever character I choose to play convincingly.”

“In a time where women should be applauded for making headway in a male-dominated society, we blur the lines between REEL and REAL life and dilute all our efforts by making a one-year old back sliding piece of news a headline. Digging out an old article and headlining it “OMG: Deepika’s Cleavage Show!” to attract readers is using the power of influence to proliferate recessive thought.”

Fellow actors from the industry applauded Padukone on Twitter, with Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez amongst her contemporaries who took to the platform to express their support.

Katrina Kaif-Ranbir Kapoor leaked pictures

In 2013, leaked photos of the Tiger Zinda Hai actress and her then-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor holidaying in Ibiza took the Internet by storm. The images, that Kaif claims were 'shot without permission', circulated social media for months after they first appeared online, showing the couple clad in swimwear on a beach as they enjoy a quiet moment together.

A distressed Kaif penned an open letter addressed to the media in the aftermath of the incident, writing: “I am writing this to say that I feel most upset, distressed and invaded at my pictures published in a film magazine (and which were carried by other media). The pictures were taken while I was on holiday by someone who, in an act of cowardice, has shot without permission and then used the pictures for commercial gain.

There is a breed of journalism that preys on celebrities in the worst possible manner crossing all lines of privacy and decency. Running these pictures shows support for this school of journalism.

I request that all media running these pictures please refrain from doing so. I have a wonderful relationship with the media and have been accessible to the media at all times. There is no reason for this furtive and invasive behaviour.”


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