5 reasons why Donald Trump may win US election 2016


5 reasons why Donald Trump may win US election 2016

Despite making increasingly controversial statements, US candidate Donald Trump continues to lead in the run up to the presidential elections.

By Curated by Nilanjana Gupta (Senior Web Journalist)

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Published: Wed 13 Jan 2016, 9:18 AM

Last updated: Wed 13 Jan 2016, 5:12 PM

This may give you fits of laughter. But Donald Trump has a pretty clear path to not just the Republican nomination, but also the White House. Forget what political pundits and even the US President himself may be saying.

Republicans will begin casting ballots on February 1 to decide who will represent the party against the Democratic nominee. That leads us to the following question:

Let's not sell him short. Many websites have begun betting already. We take a look at the odds favouring his win: 
1. In the middle of controversies: He has been deliberately stoking the outrage among his supporters that sustains his campaign - whether it's by stirring controversies by saying that Muslims should be banned from entering the US or by advancing his disputed charge that the Obama administration wants to ship 200,000 Syrian refugees to the US who could include terrorists.

2. Absence of a unified Republican party: The Grand Old Party remains fractured that gives Trump a real chance of capturing early voting contests that may increase his chances for nomination.
3. Poll surveys give him a thumbs up: According to several electoral surveys, roughly half the Republican primary electorate spurning candidates preferred by party elites are in favor of Trump, Ben Carson and sometimes Carly Fiorina. Trump has demonstrated remarkable staying power. In the latest national poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, he led with 32%, followed by Carson at 22%.
4. Support of the silent majority: What Trump calls his "silent majority" and many others consider an angry block of the Republican electorate could be standing firm behind him.
For instance, according to a CNN/ORC Poll published on November 6 among Iowans, Trump led with 39%, ahead of Carson at 22%, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 14% and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 8%.
5. Popularity: Despite his lack of experience, there's no case in recent history in which a GOP outsider candidate has used his popularity to turn his campaign into a formidable and victorious one.
(With inputs from CNN analysis)
All said and heard, it's too early to predict and start betting. But we definitely cannot rule him out. For all we know, the Republican Party hopeful, could snatch victory at the 58th quadrennial US Presidential election on 8 November 2016.

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