Your film fix

Your film fix

Check out your movie trivia quotient and win a prize!

1 In which film does Joseph Gordon-Levitt play a modern day casanova?

2 Which new film has the protagonist falling in love with his computer’s operating system?

3 Which is the third film in which Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro act together?

4 In which film does Matthew McConaughey play a character with a name that means “dirt”?

5What were the original working titles of the Christian Bale-starrer Out 
of the Furnace?

The winner for last week’s quiz is Fathima Nezlin. CongratS! We’ll be in touch shortly.

(Writers, please note entries without contact details will not be considered.)

Last week’s answers

1. Friedrich Nietzsche

2. Our Lady of Angels hospital

3. The sun over the Ganges

4. Oman

5. The Snow Queen

DVD reviews

The Snow Queen (2013) (PG)

This is a Russian animated adventure that was dubbed in English to reach a broader audience. Like Disney’s Frozen, The Snow Queen is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a world entirely covered by ice, courtesy the titular villain. Young siblings Kay (Miller) and his sister Gerda (Straus) are orphaned and then separated. The Snow Queen captures Kay, Gerda is left to try and save Kay, after she befriends the Queen’s henchman troll (Erholtz).

Genre: Fantasy/Animation/Children

What’s good: A heartening tale with a moral, enough to keep the kids’ attention

What’s bad: The movie’s animation lacks quality — little attention to background details, crudely rendered animals etc
Cast: Cindy Robinson, Marianne Miller, Jessica Straus, Doug Erholtz

Rating: ***

Pain & Gain (2013) (PG-13)

This is the true story of the Miami-based Sun Gym Gang. Daniel (Wahlberg) and Adrian (Mackie) are fitness fanatics who turn to crime to make money, but it leads them deeper into the murkier world of kidnapping, extortion, and murder. Offering an interesting mix of action, fitness and crime, the film later takes some pretty strange turns, as the action and the fast pace heats up. A bit too brutal for everyone’s taste, the dark comedy nevertheless redeems the film.

Duration: 129 minutes

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama

What’s good: Top notch performances, good action scenes

What’s bad: The violence, corny dialogue at times

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Tony Shalhoub, Ed Harris, Rebel Wilson, Ken Jeong

Rating: ***

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