Your film fix

Your film fix

Check out your movie trivia quotient and win a prize!

The Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained, features several anachronistic elements that wouldnt have existed in the 1858 setting of the movie. One of them was invented by a Nobel Laureate, and used several times throughout the movie, but didn’t exist until 1867. What is it?

What phrase does Max Bialystock yells from his balcony to the lady on the street in The Producers, prompting her seek a job from him?

Det Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) approa-ches John Constantine (Keanu Reaves) to investigate her twin sister’s death in the 2005 flick Constantine. What is her sister’s name?

Which Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken classic about PTSD won the Oscar for best picture in 1978, amongst other awards?

In the 2006 Guillermo del Toro fantasy Pan’s Labyrinth, what insect follows Ofelia home and turns into a fairy?

Cold Comes the Night (2014) ®

One of those low-budget indie neo-noir films, and a satisfying watch. Cranston, in his first film role since the epic run of TV series Breaking Bad, plays a blind Russian, Topo, who becomes an unlikely protector to young, vulnerable widow Chloe (Eve), who runs a derelict motel in upstate New York. She falls under the eye of a crooked cop after a double murder in her property. At its heart, a touching story of a strange friendship and its outcome.

Duration: 87 minutes approx.

Genre: Crime/Thriller/Drama

What’s good: Cranston... with his ability to raise the quality of every scene he’s in; why doesn’t this man get more roles?

What’s bad: Never rises to the level of a fantastic crime thriller

Cast: Alice Eve, Logan Marshall-Green, Bryan Cranston

Bad Country (2013) (NR)

Featuring some strong acting chops with the likes of veterans Dillon and Dafoe, this action drama set in the 80s has Dafoe play Bud Carter, a Louisiana cop who stands by Jesse Weiland (Dillon) a racist, Aryan Brotherhood contract killer. Convincing him to turn informant in a case in order to protect his wife (Smart) and child against an organised crime syndicate, it’s an adequate pastiche with all the right ingredients of cinematic race dramas, and plenty of fights, explosions, shootouts and betrayal. We predict both the leads will go the TV series way soon, a la Matthew McConaughey in True Detective.

Duration: 100 minutes approx.

Genre: Drama/Action/Crime

What’s good: Very nostalgic old school 70s-80s crime drama feel What’s bad: Average film; not overly gripping or suspenseful

Cast: Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, Neal McDonough, Amy Smart

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