When natural is the way to go

When natural is the way to go

Nestled within Garhoud, JAM Beauty Lounge is a quaint establishment that prides itself on providing completely organic treatments


Janice Rodrigues

Published: Fri 14 Jul 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 14 Jul 2017, 2:00 AM

Trends always make a comeback. We've seen it in fashion, with choker necklaces and crop tops, and beauty, where more women are choosing chemical-free treatments. Well, spas are following suit, and Jam Beauty Lounge may be leading the way. Located on a busy street in Garhoud, Jam is no-frills and simple, although the yellow walls do brighten up the place. Aromatic scents and throw pillows gives it a cosy, home-like feel. If you're lucky, you may just run into Jyoti Mondal, the founder, there.
I opted for the Ayurvedic Hair Treatment and my masseuse spoke in a soothing voice as she inquired about the quality of my hair. No, I don't have dandruff. Yes, my hair is falling. Apparently, the treatment is done accordingly.
A dash of peppermint oil, following by Jam Salon's very own oil - a mix of 17 oils and herbs - was applied to my scalp. It was warm, and the  20-minute head massage that came after that, sleep-inducing. Then, it was time to put on a hair mask, an organic concoction made within the salon, on a weekly basis. A quick steaming helped the treatment penetrate further while my hair was later conditioned and shampooed with organic products. After a blow dry, I couldn't recognise my locks. Who says organic treatments don't show quick results?     
Therapy time
You're supposed to wait for at least a good 20 minutes for the hair mask to be effective, so I chose to have a full body relaxation massage during the time. The peppermint oil (which was organic, of course) smelled fresh and soothing and my masseuse used just the right amount of pressure to ease the tension away. I liked that rolled up towels were placed under my ankles and special attention was given to my back and neck. The massage may not have used any newfangled techniques, but an hour passed in a blink of an eye, and true to its name, was downright relaxing. 
What we loved...
If you're one of the many people who wants to steer clear of chemical-laden treatments, then Jam Beauty Lounge is for you. The organic oils smell great, while the hair mask is made in house on a weekly basis, to make sure it's fresh and effective. The soothing head massage wasn't too bad either.
What we didn't...
The location. When you're living in Barsha Heights, a trip to Garhoud feels like you're driving to the end of the planet, and had me wishing JAM had another bigger branch (something I even suggested to Jyoti) close by.  Also, soothing ambient music during the massage would have been appreciated.      
Ayurveda Hair Treatment + Massage
Jam Beauty Lounge, Al Muhareibi Building, Garhoud, Dubai, UAE
Reservations: Call 04-2566808
Cost: Ayurveda hair treatment - starting at Dh170 (for 60 minutes); Full body relaxation massage - Dh199 (for 60 minutes)

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