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Star Talk with Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

Published: Fri 20 Dec 2019, 3:03 PM

(March 21 to April 20)
Businesspersons will be keen to explore new territories. However, you may not get maximum results out of your endeavours for now. Ensure you stay focused. You may be tempted to take a shortcut to earn some extra money on the side; be careful. Married people may suffer disharmony and lack of affection. No serious threat to your health. Lucky Day: Tuesday; Lucky Colour: Pink
(April 21 to May 20)
Businessmen will be inclined to execute a new idea to help them strike a profitable deal. Those employed will look for better prospects. There will be a good opportunity to benefit monetarily around midweek. However, you need to respond promptly and take advantage of the opportunity. Make sure to plan your finances with the long term in view. No health issues predicted. Lucky Day: Monday; Lucky Colour: Blue
(May 21 to June 20)
As the week begins, you will wonder about future prospects. Planning an excellent strategy for growth in the year ahead may be on your agenda, but you may not be able to focus. Short-term travel for work will yield encouraging results. Financial front will be stable. You will likely get into a relationship with a co-worker. Exercise caution. Lucky Day: Tuesday; Lucky Colour: White
(June 21 to July 22)
An unfavourable week for financial health, so handle finances with care. Refrain from any kind of fresh investment to earn more money. Businesspersons need to wait patiently to strike big. Those already employed have to work for extended hours to meet deadlines. There is no need to worry about health, except for chances of a viral infection. Take preventive measures. Lucky Day: Saturday; Lucky Colour: White
(July 23 to August 22)
Future growth prospects look encouraging for the employed. Be ready to shoulder extra responsibility. Businesspersons have to be satisfied with routine gains. It will not be a great week for financial gains, but something is better than nothing. Health-wise, some may experience symptoms of already cured health issues. Get yourself checked. Lucky Day: Saturday; Lucky Colour: Brown
(August 23 to September 22)
You will be entrusted with an important task at work and be duly rewarded for your success. There will be some major monetary gains and this will be enough for you to invest in major deals. Look for higher returns in a short time span. Some viral infection will likely bother you this week. Take due preventive measures to nip it in the bud. Lucky Day: Friday; Lucky Colour: Blue
(September 23 to October 22)
Conscientious planning is required for business expansion. It will be a favourable time for a job change. Financial front will be comfortable. Some anticipated monetary gains will enliven your spirits. No major threat to your health is foreseen. In case of any problem in your love life, do your best to maintain harmony and warmth in the relationship. Lucky Day: Sunday; Lucky Colour: Red
(October 23 to November 22)
An encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily will come around mid-week. Respond promptly to strengthen your position on the financial front. You will enjoy work and aim for improved performance. Businesspersons will have a gainful time. For love matters, take initiative to resolve differences in a close relationship in a matured way. Lucky Day: Saturday; Lucky Colour: Brown
(November 23 to December 22)
You will remain in a comfortable financial position. You will also have a strong urge to strike it big. Perfect marital and romantic bliss are in store for those who are in relationships. Accept the suggestions you receive from those close to you in case of any dispute in your love life. Health and fitness must not be neglected, even when you are busy with other aspects of life. Lucky Day: Monday; Lucky Colour: Violet
(December 22 to January 19)
You will be entrusted with an important task at work. A positive mindset will help you approach work effectively. Businesspersons will be delighted to get results for their efforts earlier. Love is in the air! A favourable time for singles to shape a close relationship. Those already in one will have a pleasant time. A healthy week without any major trouble is in store. Lucky Day: Thursday; Lucky Colour: Green
(January 20 to February 18)
Pay attention to issues with your loved one. Resolve them tactfully. There is a good possibility of benefitting monetarily. Take financial decisions after due deliberation. You are likely to come across suitable job options, but don't expect immediate results. Those with respiratory problems need to be extra careful this week. Lucky Day: Sunday; Lucky Colour: Orange
(February 19 to March 20)
Opportunity will knock on the doors of business people this week. Professionals will get a high worth project. Future growth prospects of those who are employed will be encouraging. Financial front will be strengthened in the coming days, so you can spend a little money on your comforts. Health needs care now, especially if you suffer from chronic illness. Lucky Day: Wednesday; Lucky Colour: Pink

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