Spa Review: Queen's House Salon

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Spa Review: Queens House Salon

For those who shy away from traditional Moroccan baths, Queen's House Salon in Wafi Mall turns it into a private experience


Janice Rodrigues

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Published: Fri 16 Jun 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 16 Jun 2017, 2:00 AM

Good Moroccan baths are aplenty in this part of the world but it was something I never had any inclination to try. Being bathed by a stranger seems odd. Having it done in a public area seems stranger. So, when I heard Queen's House Salon gives visitors the privacy of their own room, I was intrigued.
The salon, nestled within Wafi Mall, is done up completely in white. As I sat down in a bathrobe, sipping delicious Moroccan tea, my masseuse readied spices and powders so varied I thought I was going to be marinated. Everything is organic, all-natural and smells divine. They have some serious range - from clay Moroccan bath to one with milk and honey - with the mixtures changing accordingly. And the masseuses there are from Morocco and have been doing it for years - so you know you're getting an authentic experience.
The first phase is predictable - a clay mask was applied to my body followed by a steaming treatment to open the pores. But I didn't expect the scrubbing. Not soothing strokes but vigorous scrubbing with a kese, a traditional Moroccan bath glove, and I could actually see dead skin being removed from my body. It isn't the most fun experience, but it wasn't more than I could handle either. My patience was rewarded - one soothing soak in their hot tub, and voilà, my skin was smooth as silk.
Therapy time
After slathering my body with clay, I was left alone for 10 minutes for a gentle steaming. The steam actually oozes in through a pipe, so you don't even have to leave the room, just lie there and feel relaxed. After a quick soak in the hot tub, which is also in the room, my masseuse gently exfoliated my skin with mixture of milk, honey and spices, then gave me another steaming treatment. The scrubbing with the kese comes next, and it is a truly vigorous process. But after it, you get a gentle 10-minute massage with body butter. And you end the treatment in a warm bathtub, under a soothing layer of foam.
What we loved...
The removal of the dead skin isn't a particularly fun process - but it does somehow feel supremely satisfying. And my skin has never felt smoother. The soothing mixture applied to the body also feels incredibly fresh and smells great. And, of course, there's the privacy factor!
What we didn't...
Although there was light ambient music playing in the background, there wasn't any in the room, which made it rather eerie. Also, although my masseuse was lovely, she didn't speak a lot of English, making our conversations short and awkward.

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