SPA REVIEW: Deep Muscle Relief treatment at the Conrad Spa

SPA REVIEW: Deep Muscle Relief treatment at the Conrad Spa

Sushmita Bose

Published: Fri 28 Jul 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 28 Jul 2017, 2:00 AM

"At the Conrad, we don't call it deep tissue massage," said Anju, my (as I was soon to discover) incredibly skilful - and very articulate - therapist, who's from Nepal. "We call it deep muscle relief. I work with muscles." Point taken. Aches and pains will be drained out, I was told, and I would experience overall wellness.
Before that, I was running late, as usual, so had no time to check out the "facilities", but managed a quick tour, and they looked fabulous. Immediate mental note: need to come back for seconds on a day I'm feeling more leisurely; by the time the treatment ended, I was tempted to sign up for a lifetime membership (still mulling over it).
The sprawling Conrad Spa (it's also beautifully spatial) has a host of promising treatments - including signature hammam rituals. There's a Jet Lag Cure massage that I'm most intrigued about.
A special mention for the staff (other than the super-talented Anju): these guys - like Thousif, the gent manning the front office - are some of the friendliest folks I've come across during the course of my spa treks. Always acts like a nice differentiator, the fact that the staff makes an effort to be extra nice... I guess I'm a sucker for "customer is king - or queen"!
Therapy time
I underwent the one-hour treatment. After changing, I was ushered into a pristine room, and given a foot scrub (loved it!). Anju told me she'd be using a de-stress muscle gel for "problem areas" (shoulders and back, but obviously!), and then an oil for the whole body. The oil is made of juniper, lavender and ginger extract and smelt just like what the doc ordered: heavenly, with a promise to be effective. Sixty minutes went by in a flash as Anju kneaded, moulded (the pressure fluctuated as she figured out the points) and put in her finishing touches: light pulling and stretching.
What we loved...
Fantastic therapist, easy engagement with the staff (for something as mundane as filling up the form), and great treatment (the contentment hangover lasted for well over 48 hours). Little touches like a key-less locker were much appreciated. Amazing hammam suite (saw it from a distance!).
What we didn't...
Well, nothing really, it's a great spa, but if I had to nitpick, then maybe I'd say the spa has a very clinical look and feel to it. It looks more like a treatment centre rather than a place for indulgences. Maybe some props here and there could lend a more aesthetic sway. Just saying!

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