Restaurant Review: SocietyDXB Cafe

Restaurant Review: SocietyDXB Cafe

SocietyDXB Cafe in Jumeirah doesn't fail to disappoint with its modern, minimalistic interiors, Insta-worthy food and fantastic service. Sukayna Kazmi gives it a try

As I stood outside SocietyDXB Cafe's tinted glass doors, I was curious as to what sort of space I was about to step into. I walked in and found myself in a spacious, minimalistic venue, with soft music playing in the background. "You can call me JP, because my full name is too hard to pronounce," said our friendly server with a laugh. JP guided us through the menu, from his personal favourites to details of the dishes we ordered.
We set off with some tangy Sticky Chilli Wings that had a hint of sweetness, thanks to the gochujang (a red savoury-sweet chilli paste) it was marinated in. Next up: Crispy Fried Chicken Burgers in fresh, charcoal buns. The highlight was the High Society drink which is sparkling grape, infused with blueberry and sprinkled gold dust. A single fizzy sip was all it took to transport me to a relaxing beach.
To finish, we ordered Umm Ali, a mouth-watering Arabic dessert, with Brioche croissants, topped with nuts and condensed milk. With JP cracking jokes every now and then, time flew. As we passed other families, couples and kids on our way out, it was good to see they were all smiles too!

Taste: A lot of the dishes offered had a twist, which is great for those who love trying new things. The halloumi fries, topped with pomegranates, was an unusual combination but tasted good, regardless. The chilli wings were more sweet than spicy, which may not be to everyone's liking.
Ambience: The café is beautifully structured, with lightbulbs and plants hanging from the ceiling. The glass ceiling allows in plenty of natural light. With oversized teddy bears placed around the place and a mini play area, this makes for a comfy dine-in space for all ages.
Service: From the moment we walked in, we were warmly welcomed and JP kept us quite entertained. They gave us space, but also made sure we enjoyed every moment. From their quick service to charismatic characters, the memorable service is the reason we'll visit again!
Presentation: Everyone loves aesthetically-pleasing food. And SocietyDXB Cafe is a great place to take Instagram-worthy pictures. The starters and mains were well-presented but could have been more visually creative. The desserts, however, looked good and tasted great too.
Value for money: Starters, main course and dessert for two added up to about Dh330. The burgers and chilli wings came with a somewhat pricey tag, but the dessert made up for it. Not only was the Umm Ali quite filling for two, but the gooey, warm dessert made you crave more.

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