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Restaurant Review: Kulture House

Restaurant Review: Kulture House

By Sukayna Kazmi

Published: Fri 13 Sep 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 13 Sep 2019, 2:00 AM

"We won't let go of our dreams no matter how hard it gets," reads an Arabic phrase on the walls of Kulture House. From a pop-up store, whose theme changes as per the local events and seasons (currently, it is the summer theme) to a variety of artworks, the interiors are vibrant. Staying true to its name, the café also houses items from across the world - be it a human-sized wooden Russian doll, photographs capturing the influential figures of the UAE, or hand-made African beaded décor.
The food only elevates the experience further. We start off with grilled chicken corn hummus, followed by the zaatar-roasted grilled chicken. Weekend in Capri is a linguine pasta mixed with alfredo sauce, sundried tomatoes, Camembert cheese and a winning topping - fried hot gooey mashed potato. Kulture House also has a flair for creativity when it comes to beverages. We opt for a Spanish iced latte, which is perfect to beat summer heat and Turmeric Twist, a healthy juice with pineapple, orange, grapefruit, carrot, turmeric, cayenne and baobab. Because all great meals must have sweet endings, we order Island-mode ice cream, a passionfruit cheesecake ice cream with biscoff caramel sauce. Bliss! After dining, we decide to explore the café, which turns out to be just as delightful an experience as the food.
Taste: Weekend in Capri was great but had way too much Camembert cheese. However, the zaatar-roasted grilled chicken with hummus was delicious to our taste buds. The dessert was a unique mix of different flavours, exciting for those who love trying new things.
Ambience: From the bright interiors to intricate architecture, there was clearly a lot of thought and effort put into the designing of the café. Merging the cultural ethos from all over the world under one roof, there are three multi-spaces that are an explosion of colours.
Service: The staff was friendly and welcoming. They did come occasionally to check if everything was alright; however, I wish they'd engaged with us a little more by introducing themselves or recommending their personal favourite dishes.
Presentation: They did a good job of presenting the mains. The dessert had warm biscoff caramel sauce poured over passionfruit cheesecake ice cream and was topped with pineapple flower. Between the two, the dessert gets full marks as far as the presentation is concerned.
Value For Money: A main course, with beverages and dessert added up to about Dh200. Even though the portions were small for mains, the overall experience of dining at Kulture House goes way beyond food alone, and that surely makes it value for money.

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