Nina Zandnia's faves this week (Aug 30)

Nina Zandnias faves this week (Aug 30)

My top personality of the week
Sir Elton John is a living legend. A pianist and a music composer, he has inspired millions of music enthusiasts all over the world. He also donates actively to charity. A true icon!

My beauty tip of the week
I have long eyelashes. Hence, I have never really been a fan of eyelash extensions. When I travel, I like to be comfortable and not wear too much makeup, especially mascara. However Lash DXB is quite amazing as they come to your house and fix your lashes. For three weeks at least, your lashes will look perfect.

My top fashion look of the week
Sunglasses: Dior
Top and leggings: Calvin Klein
Coat: Zara
Shoes: Michael Kors
Travel cabin luggage: Montblanc

My top product of the week
I am in love with this cool, vintage mid-century design sofa. Old pink suede sofas are back in fashion. Can't wait for it to arrive from, my favourite online furniture shop in the UAE.

My advice for the week
When you find inner peace, that is the moment you live a happy life!

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