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Massage Therapy

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By Rima Soni

Published: Fri 27 Feb 2015, 3:35 PM

Last updated: Fri 26 Jun 2015, 12:26 AM

My body suffers from poor blood circulation and my doctor has asked me to have B complex pills every day to improve it. Is there any &natural remedy you can suggest to improve my circulation?

  • Laila

The best treatment to improve circulation is getting a body massage once a week. This can make a big difference. Exercise and brisk walks are also helpful. Buy a trampoline to help circulation. A regular use of dry body brushing activates blood circulation. Avoid coffee and tea. Instead, have fresh fruits or herbal teas. Follow these tips and you will definitely notice a change.

I love your natural home remedies. I have normal skin, but it looks dull and I want my skin to look bright and beautiful for my daughter’s wedding. Can you suggest a beauty mask that I can use?

  • Suraiya

Warm one teaspoon of honey and add two drops of lemon juice. Massage this onto your skin. After 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Make a mask with one teaspoon of yoghurt and the purée from one ripe strawberry. Apply this mask onto your face and rinse off after 20 minutes. Do this every day. Your skin will look brighter in no time.

I am 31 years old and I need a remedy for my hair and skin. I have over-sensitive and dry skin. I also have skin discolouring in some areas and my skin is oily at the T-zone. My hair is very thin and weak. Can you please suggest a diet and treatment for my skin and hair? Also my thighs and stomach have lost its shape (I have cellulite on my thighs). It’s becoming a difficult to see myself like this, day in and day out, as I did not have these problems before. Waiting for your reply.

  • Cythia

Your skin requires nourishment and balancing of oils around the T-zone. Take one tablespoon of oats powder, and add one teaspoon of coconut milk and one teaspoon of tomato juice. Apply this mask onto the face. Rinse off after 40 minutes with cold water. Weak, thin hair can be treated with warm coconut and castor oil in equal proportion. Warm these oils and massage into scalp. Rinse off after a couple of hours. Start using a dry body brush on your hips, thighs and the rest of your body, as well. This improves blood circulation and softens skin. If done regularly, it firms the skin too.

My scalp and hair are very dry, although I drink two litres of water every day. I have hypothyroid so I have Eltroxin every morning. My fingers are also very dry. I use coconut oil every day but this does not help. Please do suggest a remedy.

  • Linda

Those with hypothyroid condition often have problems such as dry skin and hair. Add one tablespoon of avocado oil to your regular diet. Purée half a ripe avocado, add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel to it and beat together. Massage into scalp, face, neck and hands. Rinse off after 30 minutes. Do this every alternate day. The skin will improve and the scalp and hair will be well conditioned.

You have always mentioned that chemical hair dyes are the main cause of hairfall. I have just started colouring my hair with hair dye. I am afraid my hair will start falling. Can I stop using this and start using a natural hair colour instead? I remember you mentioning Vegetal. Will I be able to find this in Doha?

  • Seema

I think it is better late than never. I am glad you have decided to switch to natural colour. Apply it on your hair every 15 days to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Choithrams supermarket in Doha stocks it.

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