Manisha Advani

Manisha Advani

The founder of Soul Santé Café on creating wholesome vegan foods that can surprise anyone and everyone

Published: Fri 6 Sep 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 6 Sep 2019, 2:00 AM

How do you typically start your day?
With a workout, after which I usually train a client or two. After that I head home to pray, meditate and finally get to work at Soul Santé Café.
Describe your work in a sentence?
My work involves catering to a client's needs by providing their favourite foods in a healthier and (shockingly) plant-based form.
What is your favourite thing about your job?
Interacting with our patrons and witnessing their disbelief at the burst of flavours in vegan, ayurvedic food.
What has been your most challenging experience to date and how did you resolve it?
My most challenging experience was giving my employees the confidence that, through our food, we could cater to any consumer preference.
What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
Be patient with others, but aggressive with yourself.
How do you maintain a work: life balance?
I think this is still tough for me. I try to make it a point to be alone at least twice a week, whether it's at the beach or going for a short walk. It really helps me clear my head, and gives me a fresher perspective. Other than that, I make sure I spend some quality time with friends and family at least once a week.
Any advice for youngsters just getting into the professional arena?
Listen to others. A lot of the time, we feel like people are undermining us by giving unsolicited advice. However, if we try to dissect their information, we can find a lot of helpful advice to take home and can avoid a lot of mistakes too.
A person you think would make for a good role model - and why?
Michael Bloomberg, a great businessman making financial institutions dependent on his software and hardware. We always speak about work:life balance, but he had his work balanced out well in advance. He has always been well ahead of his time, solving environmental issues and his entrepreneurial practices.
What would you say is your greatest dream, professionally?
My dream is for my cafe to be considered the go-to place for not just healthy food, but good food regardless of the time of day or choice of cuisine. And maybe even earn a Michelin star in the process! Eventually, I hope to be accessible to any gym-goer or yogi, at the ease of their nearest studio and over the years look at expanding our reach regionally.
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