Best places to get bubble tea in the UAE

Fatima Khurram/Dubai
Filed on July 20, 2021

Enjoy your summer days with this cold and refreshing drink

Bubble tea, a Taiwanese cold drink made with tea, sweetened milk, and ‘pearls’ of tapioca with the perfect chewy consistency, has gained popularity for all the right reasons. Want to try some of the best bubble tea places here in the UAE? We’ve got you covered. And if you haven’t tasted bubble tea yet, let’s get you started on this amazing journey!

Mancha MilkTea

Starting off the list with Mancha, which offers what is surely one of the best bubble teas in town. The tapioca is so chewy and fresh. We recommend you try Yema De Leche with tapioca. This creamy, milky drink is all you need to fall in love with Mancha.

Location: Electra street and Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi

Price: Dh40 for two


Looking for good and reasonable bubble tea? This is your place. Bubee has some amazing options of milk teas available. Ranging from the original black tea flavour to flavours like Oreo cream cheese. Make sure to mention the amount of sugar you prefer so they can customise that accordingly. Isn’t that just perfect?

Location: Mega Mall, Sharjah, and Sahara centre, Burjuman, Dubai

Price: Dh30 for two

URTH Caffe

Urth offers some delicious food as well as drinks. They offer a spectacular variety of smoothies, coffees and juices. If you are a fan of matcha, we recommend you try the iced matcha latte with tapioca. This drink is a perfect balance of matcha, milk, and boba!

Location: City walk, Dubai

Price: dh50 for two


Chatime, ‘where the world comes for tea’, initially opened in Taiwan but now this authentic bubble tea place is available worldwide. In the UAE, Chatime outlets are located in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Chatime aims to give you a unique tea concept that is healthier, refreshing and a fun alternative to coffee. We recommend you try their superior cocoa milk tea.

Location: Mega mall, Sharjah. Karama, Dubai. Electra street, Abu Dhabi

Price: Dh40 for two


Booba allows you to customise your drink as you like. They don’t only have milk tea options but some amazing and refreshing juice tea options as well. You can choose your drink, flavour and the kind of topping you want (tapioca, juice bubbles, jelly, etc). Besides the extensive selection of fruity and milky bubble teas, Booba also offers coffees, shakes and smoothies. We recommend you try their chocolate milk tea or raspberry juice tea with passionfruit and peach toppings.

Location: Dubai mall, Kite beach, Dubai Festival city

Price: Dh45 for two


When it comes to bubble tea, Happy Lemon is known for having a wide variety of flavours and toppings. They have options for cold and hot drinks, so there is something for everyone.

You can start by choosing the flavour of your milk tea and then choose from tapioca, bubbles, jelly or pudding options for the toppings. Customise your drink according to your preference and satisfy your bubble tea cravings.

Location: Burjuman and Al Ghurair Center, Dubai

Price: Dh40 for two