Winning envisioning

Oksana Tashakova
Filed on November 6, 2015 | Last updated on November 6, 2015 at 07.05 am
Winning envisioning

Mind-set qualities of all successful entrepreneurs

What truly sets successful people apart from those who never ACHIEVE their dreams? making goals and sticking to them!

If you want to achieve entrepreneurial success badly, you need to tap into your success mindset. But what exactly is mindset, and how does it contribute to one's success?

The term 'mindset' was coined by psychologist Carol Dweck following decades of research on entrepreneurial achievement and success. Unlike a rigid mindset, the growth mindset is when people believe they can develop their qualities to succeed, according to Dweck.

We are all born with unique talents and strengths, and something we can offer the world to maximise greatness. It is by tapping into your psychological mindset that you can accomplish what you want to do. It is this: the way you view yourself, others, and the world that determines the actions you take. Actions that result in success or failure.

Let's look at five mindset qualities of all successful entrepreneurs.

1 Clear Vision

Successful people know what they want. They do not just say "I want to be rich." They take the time to look closely at their lives and create a clear vision. They create mental images that guide them on their journey.

You can envision a clear mental image of your success by taking a moment to ask yourself these questions:

What will my entrepreneurial success look like?

What will it feel like?

How will my life be different if I succeed in all my business goals?

Write down your answers; be specific and realistic.

2 Good Time Management

Winning envisioning (KT3757114.JPG)Successful people plan their days, weeks, months, and years. They not only have a clear vision, but they know exactly when and how they will take the steps required to accomplish their goals. The most valuable resource you have is your time.

Do you plan your day before it begins? Here's how:

Write a list of tasks you need to accomplish that day.

Record next to each task how long it should take to complete.

Choose a task that takes less than five minutes and do it immediately.

A clearly defined daily task list gives you a sense of purpose for the day and with each task completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. It's these small successes that will get you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

3 Goal Oriented

People who are financially and professionally successful are driven by their absolute need to succeed. No matter what difficulties they face, they just keep going. A clear vision and focus on the outcome is what usually facilitates the drive. Successful people stop and think about what they really want in their life, what they want to accomplish and they use this to work towards their ultimate goals. This is what helps them maintain success!

4 Focus

Focus is a mental characteristic and the most important factor in professional success. Successful people develop the ability to concentrate and focus on the possibilities they are faced with; this minimises the potential for distraction and overloading oneself with too many commitments. This quality also ties in with time management. When you have a clear image of what you need to achieve each day, you are less likely to become distracted or waste time. Focus on your goals at all times.

5 Take Personal Responsibility

Entrepreneurial success requires absolute personal responsibility and will power. Successful people don't blame anyone else for their pitfalls: they learn from them and they continue forward. They love to be in control of their life so they don't allow other people to control or influence them and ultimately cause their failure. Successful people are continually educating themselves, analysing and reflecting. This gives them confidence and a sense of self-value. They believe in themselves. You can too, by accepting what hasn't worked in the past and committing yourself to making positive changes in the future with the ultimate goal of success.

Success mindset in a nutshell...

These five traits are critical for the mindset of successful entrepreneurs. Take the time to reflect on where your strengths lie and the areas you could further develop and improve. Increase your psychological power with each ?of these qualities, and you will be a few steps closer to achieving greatness.

Remember, you need to believe that these qualities can be developed and improved with dedicated effort. Get your success mindset on, and you're on the path to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur!

(Founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, Oksana Tashakova is a personal branding expert and entrepreneurial educator.)


One Direction

According to the Locke/Latham theory explained in a recent article in, people who have more difficult goals perform better than those who have easier ones.

In other words, the more ambitious the goal, the more motivated you will be to achieve it