Multiplier effect Filed on May 19, 2017
Multiplier effect


In college, I had a set of 'twin' besties. Brothers. Identical (exact same height, and same weight too). Their names rhymed. But while they appeared to be carbon copies of each other, they, allegedly, had a few distinguishing features: for instance, the eyebrow arches of one were (slightly) wider than the other. Of course, I could never figure any of that out, and I'd usually mistake one for the other - but they'd happily set me straight. They were close, they would swap clothes all the time; not 'abnormally' close though. like the way Lucy and Anna DeCinque, the 'world's most identical twins', are: these two, I read, cannot be separated for even five minutes, so they're now up to pretty weird stuff like sharing a boyfriend. Then, there was my childhood fave Yudh, where Anil Kapoor does a double whammy: one of him is sweet and nice, and the other downright evil, walks around with a machine gun and annihilates people. They were separated at birth, so obviously different styles of nurturing led to them being totally contrarian. I'm quite intrigued with the psychological profiling of sibling 'sets': what actually goes on inside their minds - and hearts? Is there always a sense of attachment to the 'other half' that can't be detached? Or is it less complicated than that? We speak to twins - and a trio of triplets - to figure out!
Marina Abramovic - performance artist nonpareil - found time to speak exclusively with WKND. Yet again, it's quite a performance. One of the parts I like best: on being asked how she feels being referred to as the 'grandmother of performance art', she says, "Let's just drop this term 'grandmother'. You can use warrior, perhaps soldier, but not grandmother." One other amazing woman graces our pages: Waheeda Rehman. Read Khalid Mohamed's musings on yesteryear's Golden Girl in Bollywood.
How social media is helping millennials form stronger romantic ties. Cool style numbers for a Friday brunch. One-pot meals. All this and much more.
Enjoy reading WKND, and have a great weekend.


Sushmita Bose

Sushmita, who came to Dubai in September 2008 on a whim and swore to leave in a year's time (but then obviously didn't), edits wknd., the KT lifestyle mag, and writes the Freewheeling column on the Oped page every Friday. Before joining Khaleej Times, she'd worked for papers like Hindustan Times and Business Standard in New Delhi, and a now-defunct news magazine called Sunday in Calcutta. She likes meeting people, making friends, and Facebooking. And even though she can be spotted hanging out in Dubai's 'new town', she harbours a secret crush on the old quarters, and loves being 'ghetto-ised' in Bur Dubai where she is currently domiciled.


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