Lazy island holiday or bustling city escape?

Lazy island holiday or bustling city escape?

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My travel buddy (and husband) Nitesh is a water baby, whereas I like to explore. We, therefore, try to alternate between island getaways and city holidays. It's tough to pick one as travelling, for us, is more than just a holiday. We are passionate and try to travel at least 4-5 times a year with our full-time jobs. City or island depends on the mood and, more importantly, 'The Budget'.
Honestly, I think we create more memories on a city break, as we interact with the local people, try local food, and wander through alleyways as opposed to lazing on a sunbed. That doesn't mean I don't love beaches - I still cannot get over our Maldives and Seychelles trip; it literally felt as if we were transported to a paradise. While island holidays are great for relaxing and spending quality time, we end up splurging.
I get to experience the real taste of culture, history, local traditions much more when I am exploring a city. Due to these experiences, I've grown as a person and have acquired a sense of independence. It has helped me break preconceived notions about places and people.
There is so much to do in every city even when we are on a tight budget. For instance, we explore the local markets, cafés and soak up sights. Sunny or rainy day, we end up finding something fun to do to make it memorable.
The geographic location of the UAE is such an added advantage for us to be able to travel to so many countries. European and Asian cities are great options. Even if you have four days on hand and a tight budget, you can still escape to Azerbaijan, Belgium, Georgia, Sri Lanka and many other countries - the options are endless.

- Varsha Lakhwani
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Who doesn't want to relax on a pristine beach, surrounded by palm trees and splendid sea views? How about leaving behind your hectic routine for a few days and enjoying the calming sound of sea waves, with coconut water in one hand and canapes in the other? Sounds so dreamy, doesn't it? Well, waking up next to the endless blue water and sandy beach is nothing less than a dream.
It might look like there is not much to do on an island, but there are so many activities you can enjoy during your stay, like water sports, exploring the island on a scooter, watching breathtaking sunsets and more.
Italy and Greece top my travel bucket list for islands, as Capri or Mykonos are the perfect spots for a real summer holiday. Delicious Greek food, friendly crowds on every street corner, great party spots and overwhelming views - what more can you wish for on a beach holiday? There are also many other beautiful islands, such as in Phuket, Hawaii, the Bahamas and, not to forget the couples' favourite, Maldives - a spot you'll never regret planning your vacation to. The weather is usually pleasant on all these islands, but even if it's hot, water sport activities will help you beat the heat and keep you refreshed for that perfect summer vibe.
You can never get enough of watching the sun dip below the horizon, spreading its beautiful colours all across the sky. Imagine having a lavish dinner while watching the sundowner or cruising on a boat while the coral skies are fading away.
One final argument: they make for incredible picture-perfect spots. Aren't vacations all about creating memories, after all?

- Zurwa Shuja
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