'I've tried some of the best sea urchins in Italy'


Ive tried some of the best sea urchins in Italy

Talking food with Francesca Busso, In-house chef, Miele

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Published: Thu 10 Jan 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 11 Jan 2019, 1:00 AM

Your favourite memory of food?
When I was a child, w e would gather with all the family members on Sundays for a big Italian traditional lunch at my grandmother's house. My favourite part was watching my grandmother make fresh pasta for us - I was always keen to help!
What's the most challenging part of your job?
I would say it's sourcing specific ingredients. Sometimes, there are limited options when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Do you have a personal mantra or a motto that drives the way you cook food?
I don't really have a motto but, when I cook, I always do so
with one purpose - which is to keep my food simple with authentic flavours.
If you could cook for a high-profile personality, who would it be and what would you serve them?
If given the opportunity to cook for a high-profile personality, I would choose His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. I would love to make him a plate of homemade tagliatelle served with white truffle - a very simple but delicious meal.
How often do you eat out? What's your favourite place around town?
I don't eat out often, but I am a big fan of breakfasts and, therefore, always like to try new places for pleasant morning meals. I love 21 Grams - Urban Balkan Bistro in Jumeirah. Their Komplet eggs are amazing. For a fine dining experience, I believe nothing is better than a dinner at Zuma.
After cooking all day, do you cook for yourself at home too?
Good question! Yes, I try cooking every evening but, occasionally, my husband and I enjoy ordering in too.
If you're asked to invent an unusual dish - what would it be?
A dessert, for sure - but perhaps with a fusion of Emirati and Italian flavours!
Who do you admire most in the culinary world, and why?
There are so many famous chefs that I admire, but there is one in particular that I would like to meet because, for two years, his restaurant - L'Osteria Francescana - has been named the best in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants". I hope I'll get the opportunity to visit Modena and experience Massimo Bottura's food one day.
What's your favourite comfort food?
That would be polenta - a boiled cornmeal dish that's typical of a winter meal in northern Italy. It can be served with cheese, mushrooms, meat and melted butter but I prefer it with cold milk.
One ingredient/dish you can't stand, and why?
I just can't eat oysters - it's not the taste, but the texture.
If you could choose a last meal, what would it be?
I can't resist Four Cheese Pizza. It's my all-time favourite dish.
Your favourite culinary destination, and why?
Puglia, Italy, because every dish is a special and unique experience - especially seafood. I've tried some of the best sea urchins there.
Where can we find you, when not in the kitchen?
You can find me around Dubai participating in various fitness activities. At the moment, I'm loving hot yoga!
- Staff reporter

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