Is it important to own the latest gizmos?

Is it important to own the latest gizmos?

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Today, our lifestyle is supported with all-purpose gadgets - from smart watches to smartphones. Moreover, even these gadgets are constantly being transformed - for example, everything from a fridge to a TV now have 'smarter' versions. We are living in a world that is constantly connected and we love to share our life online (sometimes even more than with the person sitting next to us). Simply scrolling through out mobile phones is a huge part of our lives.
According to a recent survey by, UAE is witnessing a mobile subscription rate of 202 per cent with 99 per cent of the population being active social media users. These figures indicate that we are part of a smart economy. We are also rapidly embracing new ways to interact on a daily basis such as shopping online, ordering food via apps, hailing cars through phone apps, paying fines online, using mobile banking, using price comparison websites, going online to book movie or air tickets, checking live traffic updates, finding vacation destinations online, etc. Almost every activity we now undertake involves technology and the Internet in some way.
Considering this screen-centric life, the hype surrounding new gadgets and the need to own them is completely justified, I believe. It isn't simply a fashion statement or a status symbol as attaining the latest and the best gadgets is extremely easy, considering the standard of living, slashed prices and offers from banks to buy now, pay later. These gadgets are an important part of getting ahead and adapting with the times.
Even if you are brand loyal and like things 'the way they used to be', sooner or later you will have to experiment or try new technology. A lot of tech brands, such as Apple, are also deliberately slowing down older devices for reasons like security essentials. and also to indirectly promote new products.
(Omair Ahmed is a digital consultant and the blogger behind You can follow him on Twitter @omair_a.)

WEIGHING IN: (left to right) Omair Ahmed and Mark Anthony Monzon
Today's society almost dictates everything we should do and what we should have - even if we can't really afford it or it's not necessary. Do we really need to own the latest phone or computer even if the one we have right now is working perfectly fine?
To be honest, I used to be the first in line to buy the latest
iPhone and laptop as soon as Apple launched something - until I realised that it simply was not worth it. My friends can attest to my gadget addiction before I became fully aware that we have to be practical.
Having the latest cellphone won't make you any better than a person who is using last year's model. The benefits are there: it may be faster, shinier, flashier. But at the end of the day, ask yourself this: what do you really need it for?
I believe that before purchasing any gadget, we have to consider factors like usage, price, important features, specifications, and brand trustworthiness. I would suggest buying a premium product that you know will last for a longer time than buying cheap imitations which can easily break down and will cost you more in the end.
Having said that, we should also not be lured by the ads saying that the latest model is much better than the previous one. If you have a phone that is serving its purpose and doesn't need replacing, then there really is no need to splurge on buying whatever is new.
The bottom line is, if you really need the new features of a certain gadget then by all means, buy that. But if it's more of a "want" than a need, then you should evaluate your decisions, and be content and grateful with what you already have.
(Mark Anthony Monzon blogs on everything from tech to food to movies at You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @markmyworldblog.)

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