'I believe women can drive family and work forward'

I believe women can drive family and work forward

Talking work-life balance with Maysoun Ramadan, Head of Human Ressources and Corporate Communications at Roche Diagnostics Middle East

Describe your work in a sentence.
Doing now what patients need next.

What has been your most challenging experience to date?
My biggest challenge a few years ago was to find a work-life balance. As a working mother who travels for business, it was not easy for me to be on the road. But with the help of our support system, my husband and I are able to balance our family commitments and careers. I realised how important this is when I lost my mother to cancer, and later, became one myself.

Have you found that balance?
Family life and health always come first. Organising and prioritising your daily tasks is also very important to stay in control of the time you have. I try to disconnect from work and live in the moment, especially on weekends. Spending time with yourself is also very important.
In all honesty, I'm still figuring things out every day, because there's no secret formula for success. Thankfully, I have a great support system. At the end of the day, you just need to be flexible to know what work-life balance means to you in each phase of your life and to ensure you keep your priorities to your family and health first.  

What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
Surround yourself with people who inspire you to become a better person.  It's okay to delegate and not do everything yourself, because you can only excel by empowering others. It's alright to ask for help.

Any advice for youngsters getting into the professional arena?
Be passionate and persevere in facing challenges. If there's something you're passionate about and dream of accomplishing, stay hopeful and focused on your mission. With an open mind and an open heart, you'll be surprised where life takes you. I'm a pharmacist by education, kicked off my career in the commercial space, but I am now in HR and Communications. When I reflect on my diverse journey, I'm so proud that I had the opportunity to learn so much. I believe it stems from my passion, perseverance and contentment.  
The marketplace is becoming more competitive. Have the courage to pursue your goals and fulfil your ambitions. Embrace who you are and work hard at being a better person, be it at home or work.

A person you think would make for a good role model?
My mother. She empowered me to follow my dreams and taught me how to be strong and turn my grief into a passion to succeed and achieve my career aspirations and goals.  

What is your greatest dream, professionally?
My greatest dream is to light a flame in the hearts of as many women as possible to empower them to achieve greatness. I believe in the capacity of women to drive family and work forward and my passion lies in helping them achieve that.
- Staff reporter

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