How to get rid of brown spots on your face

How to get rid of brown spots on your face

Beauty expert Rima Soni offers some home remedies

I love reading your column every week. I suffered from Lichen planus; it's cured now, but it left brown marks. How can I treat them? It's been nearly eight years and I have tried so many medicines and home treatments but with no results. Can you suggest a remedy?
- Name withheld
Aloe vera is excellent for calming the skin. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to it and apply on the areas you wish to lighten. Even adding a few drops of vitamin E oil to potato juice will work. But you need to apply these every day.
My face is often oily, especially when I wake up in the morning and around afternoon time too. Is there anything I can do to control this excess oil production?
- Gracie
Massage skin with tomato purée and leave on for 20 minutes; rinse with cold water. Avoid hot water on your face, as it widens pores and activates the oil glands. Using tomato will help shrink pores and reduce oil production too.
I have a daughter who is 4.5 years old. Recently, she has been having hair fall. Could you please recommend a remedy for her?
- Sharon
Coconut milk will make for an excellent treatment for your little daughter. Three times a week, cleanse her scalp with aloe vera. After five minutes, massage coconut milk into the scalp (no need to wash off the aloe vera first). Rinse after 20 minutes with water; no need to shampoo hair. The two ingredients are wonderfully nourishing. If you wish, you can use baby shampoo once a week.

I am 15 years old. My lips are not very pretty because I keep chewing on them. Please tell me how I can make them smooth again.
- Samah
Dry and damaged lips can do with a gentle scrub of sugar and almond powder. Mix cold milk with equal portions of sugar and almond powder; apply this paste to the lips. Gently scrub lips. Do this daily and, of course, please stop chewing your lips to prevent further damage. Doing the above treatment will smoothen and soften the skin.
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