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How strong is your shoe game?

How strong is your shoe game?

Classic styles every gentleman needs in his life

By Varoin Marwah, 
 Menswear designer

Published: Fri 6 Sep 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 6 Sep 2019, 2:00 AM

They say you can always judge a man by his shoes. So, it's pretty fortunate that men today have such a large variety of styles and designs to choose from. Over time, shoe styles have expanded in a big way and men are so spoilt for choice that it's natural to get confused about what shoe type ought to go with what occasion. In order to avoid mistakes altogether, here are some popular shoe styles and their uses, so you're armed with all you need to know about how to wear them appropriately.
The Brogue
Here's a fun fact: this particular classic style was originally designed in such a way that water or mud could drain out! However, with time, the need reduced but the style stayed in fashion. These shoes can be worn with suits to work or as a smart casual look with jeans - but not to a black-tie event. Nowadays, most people prefer to wear half brogue shoes instead of a fully perforated ones, as the full brogue appears more casual and tough to blend in with formals.
White Sneakers
This is a style that has gained popularity over the last two years as casualwear as well as a sports shoe. Sneakers are extremely popular with men, as they offer high level of comfort along with style. Depending on the style of the person who is wearing them, they can be paired with jeans as well as trousers and are accepted for both casual as well as semi-formal occasions. I have personally worn white sneakers with suits and they've looked pretty chic.
This classic style has been in fashion ever since I can remember. From top brand to high street options, loafers are always a staple. Narrow-shaped and leather ones are usually more appropriate for formal events while suede and wider shapes are more appropriate for casual wear with jeans or chinos.
Desert Boots
This style is extremely comfortable and blends very well with jeans and chinos both. It works well for men who are looking for style but want to keep it low-key. Desert shoes can come in both suede and leather. A lighter shade would probably be perfect for a brunch while darker shades suit evening occasions. These shoes are definitely not for work or formal occasions.
Derby and Oxford
Both lace-up style shoes are obviously for formal wear. Between the two, oxford style is considered more formal while plain derby shoes are equally appropriate with suits for work as well as at formal events. Most people with suits prefer to wear these two styles as they complete the entire formal look.
Finding that perfect style is important but, at the end of the day, it's also about finding comfortable shoes that reflect your personality. In my experience, brands that specialise in only shoes offer more comfort than fashion brands that also deal in clothes and accessories. Happy feet take us a long way - so choose the right design for you and walk in style.

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