Home Workouts: Why a simple squat makes a big difference

By Alwyn Remedios

Published: Wed 13 May 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 13 May 2020, 6:57 PM

One of the primal movements, a squat is considered a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the lower body muscles as well as developing core strength.
Do a solid flat-footed squat as it is an incredibly functional movement that allows you to get up and down more easily from the floor, it helps relieve back pain, it builds healthy hips and knees, and it can even strengthen your immune system.
Did you know? Before chairs were invented, squat was a natural resting position.
Muscles Targeted - Lower Body
Quadriceps - Front of thigh
Hamstring - Back of thigh
Glutes - Hips/butt
Gastrocnemious/Soleus - Calves
Movement Pattern
1. Stand with your feet hips/shoulder width apart (can be wider to improve range of motion)
2. Lowering phase (3-5secs) : Push your hips(Start the movement from your hip) backward and downwards while maintaining straight back (Keep head straight looking in front or at the ceiling, avoid bending your back forward/downward towards the floor).
3. Hold at the bottom(1-2secs): Go as low as you can engaging your hamstrings to pull you down.
4. Upward Phase(3-5secs): Push you feet(from the ball of the foot and heels) against the floor as hard as you can while ascending upwards, come back to starting position.
Practice/Workout : Can be done 3 to 5 times a week(2-3 Sets of 15-20repititions) until the skill is learnt before using load/resistance as part of your workout.
Remedios is a freelance trainer based in Dubai

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