Have a healthy V-Day

Have a healthy V-Day

Be fir with Deepshikha Agarwal

Valentine's Day is not only about gifting roses, dining at a posh place and splurging money to prove that you care. You can plan a short hiking trip, go cycling with friends, travel outside the city and be close to nature. One can simply go for a dance as it's a great way to burn some calories. Or plan a romantic star-gazing session, followed by a long walk. Going camping and barbeque-ing veggies with your partner can just be as romantic.

Keep it red
Wondering how to prepare a healthy meal that tastes just as delicious? Choose beetroot, red peppers, cherries, strawberries, red beans, red onions and tomatoes as base of your dish. These are packed with antioxidants, essentials vitamins like Vitamin C and E  and microminerals, which not only improve our immunity but also do wonders to the skin.
You can plan breakfast in bed, which is a perfect start to the day. Make it healthy by serving heart-shaped avocado toast with strawberries and a glass of cranberry juice or beet idlis  topped with tangy tomato salsa and local greens like kale and arugula.

Keep it tech-free
Step out of your digital cocoon and appreciate people in your life. Try and make a real connection through personal visits. Adopt 'No Phone' policy so that you can spend quality time with your partner. Also, stop scrolling through others' social media timelines, as it can make you feel envious or unhappy. Detox your mind from any negative feelings and make your own memories. Meditate, if possible.

Keep it novel
Thinking of gifting your loved one a box of chocolates? Remember, it can be easily replaced with some innovative and healthy options. A book of healthy delicious recipes or attending a healthy cooking class together can be fun and will also be a good addition to your knowledge of foods, in general.
One can also gift a personal training session or a meeting with a dietician to a partner who truly cares about healthy living. Spending a day at a spa or a good swim are both great options. Also remember that a number of sugar-free candies and chocolate brands are available in the market, and can be better gifting options.  

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