Hair & humidity

Hair & humidity

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By Rima Soni

Published: Thu 25 Feb 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 26 Feb 2016, 8:06 AM

My hair is naturally curly and goes for a complete toss every time I step out into humid temperatures. What can I do to prevent this from happening?
- Leena
Your hair requires rich nourishment in this case. Massage coconut milk into it every alternate day so that hair becomes manageable and easy ?to handle. 
I am a 14-year-old girl. My face used to be clear but now I have a lot of blackheads near my nose. Recently, I started suffering from hair fall after temporarily straightening my hair. I plan to permanently straighten my hair in the future, but now I'm really scared that the hair fall will worsen. Please give me a home remedy.
- Name withheld
Baking soda makes for an excellent mask to help skin clear blackheads. Mix it with water and apply on your face; do this twice a week for great results. Take 2 tablespoons of coconut milk, add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of lime juice; beat well and apply into the scalp. Leave on overnight or for a couple of hours; do this twice a week for super hair quality and to arrest hair fall.
I have a fairly full beard, but it has just one or two patches of no-growth, near my lips on either side. It looks quite odd. Is there any way to grow facial hair in those areas too?
- Anil
Massage castor oil on the bald patches and leave on every night. Castor oil is a good remedy to increase hair growth.
I'm a working professional in my 20s, and have recently found that I have the tiniest hairs growing on my cheek, close to the bridge of my nose. Is there any way to remove these? Also, if I remove them, ?will they grow back thicker or darker? Please help.
- Haseeba
I would suggest laser treatment, if you're looking for a permanent hair removal method, as waxing, hair removal creams or facial scrubs may not be able to do the job in your case.
I've had discolouration on the sides of my thighs for years now. What causes this and what can I do to make my skin even toned everywhere?
- Name withheld
Dark skin around the thighs may be due to poor circulation or skin pigmention. Apply coconut oil to the area and leave overnight. Coconut oil has a nourishing, lightening property, and should resolve your issues. 
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