Get rid of split ends with aloe vera gel or a nourishing oil

Get rid of split ends with aloe vera gel or a nourishing oil

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By Rima Soni

Published: Thu 18 Jan 2018, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 Jan 2018, 10:58 AM

Does blow drying cause split ends? Recently, I started blow drying my hair and have suddenly noticed my hair splitting into four or five ends! This has never happened before. I really like how my hair looks after a blow dry, but it seems to be damaging my hair. Please help!
- Marwa
Blow drying hair with hot air is sure to cause split ends. Use cold air from the dryer - this is better for your hair. Always oil your hair twice a week or, if you wish, instead of oil, you may even massage aloe vera on hair. Comb through, and leave overnight; wash hair in the morning with mild shampoo. This will repair split ends.  
I'm 23 years old and had long hair, which I cut really short around March last year. I feel like my hair is not growing. I've tried oil massages - but in vain. Please suggest a remedy. Thanks in advance.
- Anjali
Oil massage on the scalp, followed by a steaming treatment works better for hair growth. Take a nourishing oil, like almond or coconut oil, heat it, and add quarter portion castor oil to it. First, brush hair thoroughly, followed by an oil massage and then go for the steam treatment. You may shampoo after one hour for best results.
The skin on my face gets really dry during winters, and even starts peeling a bit (especially the area around my nose and lips). Is there any natural remedy that won't make my skin greasy?
- Nadia
Take 1 tablespoon of finely-powdered sesame seeds; to this, add 1 tablespoon of finely-powdered oats. Use enough coconut milk to make a thick paste and apply on face. Leave on till it dries, then scrub off with damp fingers. Do this every day, and your skin will acquire a smooth, soft texture. The dry dead cells will clear and you will no longer have a dry skin.
My lips are getting increasingly chapped, but I don't want to use lip balms. Is there a natural alternative I can try?
- Sunita
Take 1 teaspoon glycerine, and add 6 drops of lemon juice to it. Mix well. As many times a day possible, apply a thin film of this on your lips. Leave overnight. Also, you must stop wetting your lips as this causes dryness and cracked lips. 
My daughter is 10 years old. She has a lot of pimples on her forehead. Please suggest a home remedy for her.
- Rakhi
Pimples on the forehead are a sure sign of dandruff, so the best thing to do is make a mask: take fresh aloe vera gel (even 99 per cent organic aloe vera is fine), and add 12 drops of tea tree oil to it. Massage into scalp and on the forehead, and even apply on the rest of her face. Leave overnight. Next day, wash hair with a herbal shampoo and rinse face with cold water. Apply this mask on face daily, and on the scalp thrice a week to clear dandruff. Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water daily is very important. Her diet should be low on spicy and oily foods.  
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