Get rid of inflammation

A special diet is all you need to remove toxic substances from the body

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By Deepshika Agarwal

Published: Sat 28 Mar 2020, 11:30 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Mar 2020, 1:30 AM

At a time when  a sedentary lifestyle is the rule, it's observed that the health of people is deteriorating day by day. During this time, a balanced diet can give you an extra edge. It's very important to understand that having right foods at the right time is vital to keep your body at its best.
There are innumerable diets out there confusing people  about what is right and wrong for them. One tends to read about various diets and follow the trial-and-error method to find out what suits them best. In-between all this, the anti-inflammatory diet is famous and healthy in its own way, giving the body some relief - if not cure - from various virus and bacteria-related health problems.While medical treatments and medications are important, following it will help you decrease pains and aches.  
An anti-inflammatory diet focuses on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and spices. It discourages consumption of processed, pre-packed foods, red meats and alcohol.
Include ample antioxidants to remove toxic substances from the body and decrease inflammation, if any. Concentrate on blueberries, goose berries and strawberries as they are the best sources of antioxidants  and also help delay the memory loss that happens with age. Throw in these berries in at least two meals per day. Having 150gms of berries everyday can do wonders to your defense system.
To all the chocolate lovers, did you know dark chocolate is loaded with biologically active compounds that act as antioxidants, like polyphenols and flavanols? Having two pieces of dark chocolate (70-80 per cent chocolate) everyday can actually be good for your body.
Coffee can also be included in this anti-inflammatory diet as it has phenols that help decrease oxidative stress. But moderation is the key - like two cups in a day. Avoid whipped cream, sugar and high fat creamers. Instead, opt for almond milk, honey and cinnamon or green tea which is loaded with antioxidants. Ginger tea, or lemon tea can stimulate your immune system, too.
Similarly, oats are not only low-calorie grain, but also rich in nutrients like potassium, zinc, selenium and protein. Oats, oat bran and oatmeal contain a specific type of fibre known as beta-glucan and are  known to support our digestive systems. They are also an excellent source of magnesium. Starting your day with a bowl of oats and skim milk or ending your day with an oat dessert, like an oat bar or oat pudding can be a treat to the body and taste buds.

Quick tips
*Turmeric contains a  substance called curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities. Garlic curbs the body's ability to boost inflammation. Adding these two spices in food can add an edge to the diet.
*Opt for low fat dairy products instead of full fat mayonnaise, milk and feta cheese.
* Make olive oil part of your meal.
* Have a handful of almonds and walnuts every day. Make sure every member of the family starts the day with this calorie and antioxidant-dense nuts.
* Avoid pre-packed and preserved foods high in trans fats and sodium that lead to inflammation and increase the risk of CVD.
* One glass of aloe vera juice (30ml aloe vera + 150 ml water) everyday can act like a magic pill.
* Have one multi vitamin supplement everyday under the supervision of your GP.

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