Fresh from Austria, with love

Fresh from Austria, with love

Eating out at Le Burger, Mall of the Emirates

By Roopa Kurian

Published: Thu 6 Feb 2020, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 14 Feb 2020, 2:01 PM

Yes, the burgers are Vienna's best-kept secret, and now they are Dubai's too, with Le Burger opening its first international branch at Mall of the Emirates.

The menu is extensive with burgers like Worth Melting For (beef bacon cheese burger drenched in melted cheddar cheese sauce); Fata Morgana Burger (figs, dates and goat cheese); and Hawaii Burger (pineapple, cream cheese and sweet chili). The carb-free burger for the diet-conscious amongst us came wrapped in the freshest of lettuce leaves and was equally appetising. Sauces - both regular and innovative, like mango curry and rosemary-orange mayo - are displayed on either side of the restaurant for diners to indulge in as much as they want; this is in addition to the bowl full of warm cheese sauce served at the table. The signature burgers and the specially curated mocktails, are simply lip-smacking.

But if you ask me what impressed me most, well, the water here comes for free, not just for the diners, but for anybody who feels thirsty. They can just walk by and refill their bottles with the safe-to-drink tap water. That's especially appreciable when most other joints charge between Dh30 and Dh40 for a bottle of water. Le Burger is part of the DROP IT #rethinkcampaign, an endeavour to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There's more .  the tables are made of recycled wooden planks, the takeaway containers are made of sugarcane stems, the straws are biodegradable, and the botanical wall is self-watering. An exemplary effort, indeed.
The ingredients are fresh and juicy - not surprising since they are all brought from Vienna. The meat is not frozen, just chilled, and minced and prepared at Le Burger, accounting for the distinct fresh taste. The sides - fries fried to perfection, salads and bowls - and the drinks - mocktails and  iced teas - are perfect as well.
The venue exudes style and poise, adding to the burger experience. The design is savvy with swinging seats and bright, velvet sofas and an open kitchen concept which reflects transparency. The restaurant is airy and well-lit, with neon lights bringing the black walls to life.
Service is as good as one can expect. The servers are all over the place, but without making their presence felt. They seem to be reading the diners' minds, getting dishes and serving just at the right time. And they go the extra mile to explain each dish and ingredient.
Each burger is a delight with the sauces being served in cute little steel saucepans. Of particular interest is the set of four hourglasses that came with the chamomile tea, showing the minutes and seconds for when the tea bags should be removed.  Goes to show the precision and care in preparation and serving of the meal.

Burgers are everywhere, but not all of them come like the those at Le Burger. And with the basic ones starting at Dh48 and speciality burgers up to Dh68 (sides are extra), it sure is value for money. The buns are soft and there are options for vegans, too. The mocktails with fresh juices are a steal at Dh28.

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