Foodie ways to celebrate Father's Day

Foodie ways to celebrate Fathers Day

These are sure to make pops feel special

By Kari Heron

Published: Fri 9 Jun 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 9 Jun 2017, 2:00 AM

We all know that mums are a special breed.  And rightfully so. We bear children and become their primary caregivers. We nurse and fight fiercely to protect our young (enter the Mama Bear syndrome). However, we know that it sometimes takes two to create a warm, loving home environment. While dads have a different role, they are the other half of the pillars that hold us up in our infancy and youth, on whose shoulders we climb to take on the world. So, let's take time to celebrate them this Father's Day (June 21).
Here are some ideas that are great for both children and spouses to plan together. or to simply do on your own.

Cook his favourite meal
Everyone has got a dish, or a few dishes that are close to their hearts. We're talking about the kind that drives away the blues when one is having a bad day, the minute you sniff it. This Father's Day, gather all the necessary ingredients and cook the dish your dad loves. You can try getting a little more creative by calling up his mother or your mother for suggestions. You want to make him take a bite and forget about all the concerns he has - like providing for the family, protecting them, balancing home and work life and all the worries he never talks about but secretly carries in order to make everyone else feel secure and happy.

Bake him a cake
Every celebration needs cake. Get him his favourite cake and throw on some candles as well to help him feel like a child again. Dads have so many responsibilities to shoulder that it is great for them to get the chance to be a kid again - and nothing says that more than a cake with candles!

Get him a new grill
If your dad is the self-proclaimed king of the grill, get him a new one or some great new grill tools and gadgets. Try specialty charcoals and other grill baskets and even a pizza stone for the grill.  You could also gift gourmet barbecue rubs and marinades or specialty cuts of meat, like expensive steak, that he would appreciate. Men love tools and if he is the kind who loves to cook, get him some that really makes him feel like a kitchen don!

Treat him to dinner
Since dads are always paying the bill, take yours out to a nice restaurant for a special treat. Let him order to his heart's content and ask for a special cake at the end of dinner because. cake rules a celebration.

Arrange a dad cave brunch
Gather his closest friends, who are also fathers, and cater to them for a men-only brunch. You can do this at a restaurant or at home. Be as creative as you can and tailor it to suit the dad in question.

There are so many ways to say "I Love You" and "Thank you" to fathers and I encourage you to do so this Father's Day. Life is too short, so let's make them feel extra special while we have a chance.

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