Find out how to use beetroot juice for rich hair colour

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Find out how to use beetroot juice for rich hair colour

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By Rima Soni

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Published: Thu 28 Dec 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 29 Dec 2017, 1:00 AM

My hair colour is really dull. What would be the best way to add a natural and rich colour? I do not wish to use hair dyes, as I am allergic to the chemicals in them.
- Ronika
Brew and cool beetroot juice or hibiscus tea; then, give your hair a final rinse with it and allow it to dry in your hair. This will help give your locks a healthy, rich tone. It's a good treatment and will need to be done thrice a week for effective results. 
I am 28 years old. My hair is so dull, weak and rough. It also falls a lot. I have tried many oils and shampoos but the results have been very poor. Please help me.
- Faisal
I would suggest you start a bone marrow treatment. Get big pieces of lamb or beef bones with a lot of fat in them. Scoop out the fat, heat it and add a few drops of rosemary oil to this. Massage the scalp with this mix thoroughly and leave overnight. Do this thrice a week. Eat a healthy high-protein diet with a combination of fresh, green and leafy vegetables, and fruits. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day; this is very important. Your hair will show good improvement in less than two months.
Thank you, Rima, for your magical masks and awesome recipes for all kinds of skin problems. My problems have to do with open pores and rough skin. Do you have remedies for me?
- Saira
Thank you for your kind words. Take two ripe and juicy strawberries. Make a very smooth purée and add 1 tablespoon powdered oats to it; apply a thick mask of this on your skin. When the mask dries, wet your palms and pat the dry mask. Then, keep it on for at least an hour. Rinse off the mask using only cold water, as warm water widens pores; cold water keeps the skin firm. Done every day, your skin will look much better in no time.
My lashes are very thin and the hair on my scalp is very scanty. I have tried a mix of olive and almond oil, but the growth has not picked up much. Any suggestions?
- Jennifer
The tried-and-tested recipe for thickening hair on scalp and lashes is castor oil. Gently warm this oil and massage into each hair parting; you can apply this carefully to your lashes as well. Leave on overnight, or for a couple of hours, three times a week - and your hair will show a marked improvement.
 Winter comes and my lips crack and start bleeding. I feel this is also why my lips have been turning dark. Please advise.
- Fatima
During winter, the skin gets dehydrated, so make sure you drink lots of water. Alternatively, warm, full-cream milk will do you good. Apply the cream of this milk on the lips as often as you can during the day. For a nighttime routine, apply glycerine with a drop or two of lemon juice on the lips. This will repair the cracks, lighten the lips and soften and smoothen the skin. I suggest getting started at the earliest, before your problem becomes acute. 
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