WKND Trending: Real talk, sad realities and some hilarious memes and tweets

Mahwash Ajaz/Dubai
Filed on July 1, 2021

Everything doing rounds on the internet. All found in this week’s Memesaab!

Staying Up Late is Sad:

You can always count on the internet to give it to you straight. Have you been staring at your phone a lot? Look at this relatable tweet.

True Lies:

Speaking of relatable.

The Case of the Missing Shirt:

Ever think about that shirt that went missing? Especially at 3 am? Yeah. Same.


Here are some other 3 am thoughts that keep me awake.

Relatable Doggo:

I swear at some point of the day, I’m looking like this adorable doggo.

What’s in a Name?

Ever met someone and couldn’t bring up the courage to … ask their name again? Turns out the internet has all kinds of stories about this. You CAN go to someone and ask them to repeat their name!

Life of a Foodie:

Also – this can’t just be me and the 28 thousand other people who liked this … right?

Accio Support Group:

But it’s ok – as long as you have someone who believes in you. Teacher appreciation time!

Keepin’ it real:

But make sure all your wokism isn’t just performative.

Find of the Week:

The find of the week was this account. Oh my lungs hurt from laughing.

So there you have it folks. The top memes of the week. What were your favorites? Let us know!