Summer Fashion 2021: Bold, bright and 'revenge' vibe is the name of the game

Purva Grover /Dubai Filed on July 8, 2021

It’s time for ‘revenge’ summer shopping

This summer, we’ll be swapping neutral shades with neons and candy hues. The year we’ve had has led us to experiment with highlighter colours, cheerful florals, feel-good prints, and more. What’s on the city’s fashion shelves? A lot of bright, as we learn. Well, let’s admit it, summer is labelled as the season of romancing colours, and now in 2021 more than ever before, after over a year of staying at home, we are unafraid (read adventurous) to make a statement with show-stopping looks. “That was the sentiment we had whilst curating our new collection. Fashionistas can finally get back to their outdoor wardrobe and the good news is that pragmatic styles are in. So we thought, why not add a bright palette to elevate the style quotient. The colour theme is going to be a conversation starter that’ll let you dress up, get outdoors, and just enjoy life outside of your homes,” says Gaurav Sharma, head of retail, Steve Madden, GCC. Deepti Khanna, founder, Color Story by Dee, shares an interesting word, to sum up, this fashion trend. “People are ‘revenge shopping’ to get back into the world. After being locked up in their house for a year or more, they want to have fun with their outfits and project a sunny outlook. They currently have a ‘more the merrier’ mindset about vibrant colours and feel-good prints. They are on the lookout for pieces that would make them stand out in a crowd, more pulled together looks and styles along with hybrid pieces that serve functional uses which offer a great cost per wear value.”

So what are the hues we are likely to see at brunches, on the streets, and more? Khanna shares the top three colours that would rule include soothing blues, gentle yellows, and feminine pinks. Lyndsay Doran, founder, L’Couture, suggests the hues for the summer would be a mix of brights and bolds, “We’re in for pinks, blues and limes. Think neon shades. The colours we’ve chosen for our summer collection reflect energy. The world wants a positive and energetic summer, and those colours bring just that.” Arabella MacRitchie, creative director, Arabella London, agrees on the vibe bit. “Bright colours stand for optimism. We have reflected this feeling in our collection for women with hot pink, bold sunbeam yellow and electric orange — the colours of a beautiful sunset.” She adds that after missing out on wearing the wardrobe favourites for so long, summer would be the time to throw all rules out the window and dress with confidence. “Previously, clashing colours would be worn together, such as bold pink and orange. Also, the boundaries between day and night dressing will be blurred with metallics becoming a firm favourite even during the day,” she adds.

The colour wheel is likely to extend to shoes and bags too. Lalage Beaumont, designer and owner of the eponymous brand, shares sapphire blue, fuchsia pink and aqua as the favourite hues of the season. The colour ambience at Namshi seems to be similar, with a revival of pink and powder blues, along with bright yellow and golden orange shades in everyone’s summer wardrobe. A spokesperson says, “Statement colours are coming back this season in a big way, as many people have been living in loungewear for most of last year, everyone will be excited to finally have a chance to show off their new outfits and enjoy the outdoors with statement colours than turn heads.”

“Yes, we are all desperate to get out and dress up. What better way to do that than by adding bright colours to clean white or ivory. I think either block colours or wonderful prints featuring bold designs will rule,” says Beaumont. At Namshi, the prediction indicates resurfacing of bold statement pieces, from retro floral, stripes and bold prints with a nod to the ’70s era, with an emphasis on detailed, crisscrossing cords around the waistline in tops and dresses with wide-leg trousers. Beaumont agrees that florals are strong at the moment but when the sun is shining, bold abstract patterns would rule too.


Purva Grover

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