Spruce up your space with creative accessories

Liza Pinto
Filed on April 22, 2021

Accessorising your space is as important as designing itself. Most people do not consider it important and then end up designing spaces that lack soul.

Accessories as a whole can contribute in adding colours, vibrancy and a sense of creativity to the whole place. Accessories talk about one’s life, tell stories about their hobbies and passions and make the space come alive, with personality.

Photo frames, books, candles, lamps, wall tapestries, plants — the list is endless. There are multiple ways of accessorising and adding that missing artistic touch to your cosy little space, your heaven.

While you select your best pieces, we will guide you with some key elements that you can start with.

Blend well together

Look around your existing furniture and interiors. It’s important that the colour schemes blend together with the ambience and the feel of the space that you are trying to capture.

Pay attention to how you place them and make sure you don’t end up overcrowding the space and make it look cluttered.

If you have dark painted walls, go light with the artworks, to frame the view. The frames of the artwork can either be wood matching to your furniture pieces or the metal details that come along with it.

You can easily upgrade your sofas by adding accent cushions or throws that complement your overall colour scheme of the space. The patterns and colours are what’s going to stand out.

Don’t forget the scales and proportions

The little accessories that you add in should not look too big or too small, rather just perfect for the surface they’re placed on. You can get in dramatic pieces but in the right scale.

Let your passion speak out

The artworks can make or break your space. While you find inspiration from different things, it is always good to start with yourself, your passion! Traveller, collector, artist, plant lover, regardless of what you are, let the pieces you put out there speak for you.

Adding colourful abstracts on wall will not only look good but will make you happier.

Let there be light

Adding floor or ceiling lamps and chandeliers makes your space look so much more elegant than usual. For lights, it’s always best to start looking for them at flea markets or china market. They have the best of collection at the lowest of prices!

Don’t leave behind the flora

Plants on their own are statement pieces. No matter whether you are a plant hoarder or just getting started, they are the perfect accessories for any space.

It is your home, not a library

If you have a book shelf, you can always group your books with little pieces of accessories like photo frames, vases etc.

Keep collecting over time, do not rush

Do not rush on collecting the pieces. The more eclectic the range of accessories, the more

stories they will tell.



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