How to set up your child's homeschool space

Liza Pinto/Dubai
Filed on July 1, 2021

Make the most of your child's distance learning period, by getting the home classroom right

Ever since the pandemic, the term ‘Distance Learning’ has been the only option to safeguard your child. It is an inevitable fact that homeschooling brings a sense of security, but it also has many challenges. While restrictions are slowly down-tracked, the culture of distance learning seems like it is here to stay for the long haul. Now that we need to accept this new normal, this is the right opportunity for you to invest in a suitable study space for now and in the future.

While it may seem like a simple matter of setting up the classroom at home and having all your required kinds of stuff within reach, but making adjustments can result in a productive and enjoyable classroom experience at home. Here are some easy tips that you can follow to make sure you are making the most of your homeschooling period.

Before we get started, remember to set your checklist right!

Choose your favourite corner in the whole house! In the absence of a dedicated space, homeschooling can be quite a challenge. Pick a space in your house that is best attuned or at least can be fine-tuned to your needs. It can be a simple and basic factor like natural light or inspiring balcony views which will help you finalise the best space that works well for your child. It is advisable not to extend your space’s “visual” limits to multiple areas of your home, rather dedicate a singular one that is customised as you like.

Regardless of the fact whether your child takes multiple breaks or sits for long hours at his desk, the right seating and lighting are mandatory. Not every place has the provision of natural lighting and in such a scenario, you can consider a table lamp or a stylish arc lamp in addition to the usual spotlights in the space. With every Zoom session, your child would want to ensure that the lighting is adequate.

When it comes to your chair, as tempting as it might be to grab that ottoman or dining chair next to you, it would be best to pick the most comfortable chair for those long hours. We always suggest getting your homework done and do not compromise on the child’s seating posture. Go for ergonomic chairs. (Refer to the image)

Kids require adequate storage space for school-related files and storing laptop and other gadgets once they are ready to wind up for the day. According to the requirements, pick the right drawers and shelving units and avoid the traditional-looking cabinets. (Refer to the image)

There is no harm in sprucing up your study corner with some plants and accessories. Space is no constraint for those wondering how to bring the green touch. Floating shelves are great multifunctional items for books and notepads as well as to keep a few succulents, terrariums, or trailing plants. These would surely help in giving clean and fresh air to the child after long hours of clenching on to systems. (Refer to the image)

None of us know how long the distance learning system will go on but we can ensure that it is done the right way. Small investments made for this new normal can go a long way and can help you enhance the child’s productivity!

Post-pandemic, this setup can still be used as the kid study table or accessories can be reused for your household requirement. Open shelving, movable drawers, reusable soft panel boards, all of these can be used otherwise for your daily necessities.