Give your home a Scandinavian makeover

Neha Yoosuf/Dubai
Filed on July 29, 2021
Stylish scandinavian living room with design furniture, plants, bamboo bookstand and wooden desk. Brown wooden parquet. Abstract painting on the white wall. Nice apartment. Modern decor of bright room

Let your home ooze nordic vibes with these simple tricks and tips

Looking for that cozy and homely vibe? Well, we have got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you in achieving that.

What screams comfort, home and warm aesthetics? You most probably guessed it right or we can give you the benefit of the doubt here: Scandinavian interiors! This is one interior trend that appeals to everyone. It is an easily achievable look and doesn’t break bank to get it right.

One thing common in all Scandinavian interiors and furniture pieces is the element of warmth. Wood plays a huge role in tying the entire look. It can be used in the form of wood like vinyl flooring, coffee table tops, chairs legs, etc. Wood with some metal

accents is a perfect combination in Scandinavian design. Hints of black or any other accent colour painted

metal can completely transform the overall vibe of your space. Rattan furniture pieces are perfect for this style. Wicker armchairs or even wicker

pendant lights can be added in replacement to wood.

Simple forms and functionality are the highlights of this look. You can play with natural forms and textures, be it in an accent armchair, pouffes or sofa. A very prominent feature in this style is compass legs and almost all trending Scandinavian furniture pieces have this iconic look. Clean and smooth lines are essential elements and this allows for the space to look lighter as well as brighter.

The fun starts when you start adding colour and with the Scandinavian, the permutations and combinations are endless! Start by picking a muted colour as your base palette. Bring in pops of colours through accent furniture pieces like a signature corner armchair or an arc floor lamp. Pastel colours work beautifully with light wooden flooring and it enhances the homely look that you want to achieve for your space. Soft textures for the rugs or throws are perfect add-ons. Light textured paint or wallpaper for the walls is a great alternative to keeping the walls in a single colour. However, keep the textures on one main accent wall. Contrast in furniture colour against light walls and flooring can be easily achieved. And don’t be afraid to go bold with some feature furniture pieces: think yellow, red or blue!

Another key characteristic that makes this style very appealing is the vibrancy and lightness that it gives to the space. Light and soft textiles, minimal, geometric and abstract shapes will make your space look airier. Incorporate large round mirrors on your living room or bedroom walls. This allows your room to look larger and brighter.

Bring the clutter to absolute minimum with this look. That also means don’t go overboard with the accessories. Keep it simple and clean. Decorate your space with elements that define home for you as this style is all about comfort.

Plants change the entire chemistry of a space and no other style embraces the flora better than Scandinavian! Bringing nature close to your interiors is important and there are multiple ways you can incorporate plants into your space. Large floor pots or hanging plants by your window will definitely add character.

If you are into comfort and functionality, then look no further than the Scandinavian style. You can easily get the best of both worlds here! The key is in keeping it simple and fun.


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