13 must-see viral memes on the internet

Mahwash Ajaz/Dubai
Filed on August 18, 2021

Round-up of the most viral memes doing rounds on the internet

It’s another week of meme-filled hilarity on Twitter where these tweets have absolutely made my day with their tongue in cheek humour. Did you know it’s August already? Where did the year go? And why are we still in the middle of a pandemic? I like to think we’ll be out of it soon and won’t have to deal with any more variants and think of booster shots. I like to think that we’ll laugh our way out of these miseries – though it seems impossible right now.

I’ve chosen some of the most lol-worthy and OMG-YES-worthy tweets for you this week. Take a look...

1. August? It’s already August?

2. Money is important please

3. Flying roaches, be gone!

4. I apologize for being crazy!

5. I’ve never thought of it this way. Maybe I should just keep saying, “yes sure, ok”

6. Covid reality I’m afraid. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

7. Where are you, Mr. Spider

8. Addicted to Twitter

9. Modern life summed up

10. Avoiding people successfully since a decade

11. My friend and I are vibing together:

12. Remembering the Nokia!

13. Do you agree? Love or hate TikTok?

So, there are our favourite tweets of the week. What are yours? Share with us!


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