Very, very English cups of tea Filed on August 11, 2017
Very, very English cups of tea

Five objects of desire that we thought we should pick up/try out right away - in case stores run out of them!

My sassy seabass syndrome
Very, very English cups of tea (KT1276589.JPG)
As a Bengali, I'm supposed to love fish; alas, I don't. But there are certain kinds of fish I like - the endangered hammour, for instance, which I feel too guilty to consume. The other nice fish is the seabass that has a gentle flavour. The stylish Vogue Café has added a Mediterranean twist to the seabass, and is serving a plateful of goodness (I'm sure you know how good a Med diet is!). I can almost smell the capers and eggplants and fresh basil!
Available at: Vogue Café, Dubai Mall
Price: Dh98

A key stake in The Simpsons
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Ralph Wiggum - the eternal oddball - is one of my fave characters from The Simpsons. Look at him here! He looks real cute, right? I want this keychain that I can occasionally look at (like when I'm opening my apartment door)... and smile. I'll remember the cutesy/quirky things he's always said.
Available at: Typo
Price: Dh25

Fellowship of the ring
Very, very English cups of tea (KT1276789.JPG)

With this ring... get married, get Valentined, get fashionable, get ego-centric - the list goes on. The reason why it snapped my gaze is the three-tiered format. I love broad rings that form a structure of their own instead of just looking dainty. A cousin is getting engaged shortly, she wants a ring in white gold; plan to recommend this to her!
Available at: Liali Jewellery
Price: Dh3,200

Take the blues out of the blue
Very, very English cups of tea (KT1276889.JPG)

I always seek out blue - even when I've mentally tutored myself I shouldn't be getting one more blue into my wardrobe. It always makes me happy! My shopping impulses kicked in sharply when I espied this longform dress, with floral patterns. The layers give it such a frothy feel, and one could be forgiven for feeling like a princess.
Available at:
Price: Dh2,920


Sushmita Bose

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