Women need to know this word

sushmita@khaleejtimes.com Filed on March 9, 2018
Women need to know this word


Mansplaining. It's a word that's now part of the lexicon: when a man explains (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising. Brings forth a flood of notions about chauvinism - how there are certain notions women do not grasp as easily as men (it is felt) so, from time to time, the boys have a compulsive need to talk down to the girls. like in the areas of politics or sports or money. How are men getting away with it in this day and age? And is there an opposite (female) version to mansplaining? We get you the lowdown, keeping in mind International Women's Day just went by yesterday. While on the same page (but different pages nonetheless) we also get you a man:woman breakup of financial planning. Traditionally, money matters have been in the male domain; but, increasingly, husbands and wives are opting for separate fiscal ledgers. at times, owning the "property" and not feeling the need to consult the other party, because, hey, it's YOUR money. Does this financial independence - on the part of women - create fissures in the bedrock of trust, or does it only make a relationship more secure and, thereby, rock solid? Find out.

Sridevi passed away a while ago, leaving a gaping hole in the Bollywood firmament. But we have excerpts from a rare interview with Khalid Mohamed to try and fill the gap, and figure what she was all about. Famously known to be shy and retiring - and clearly not an interviewer's delight - she comes out with little-known nuggets about her life and times. Something to remember her by. 

Sisters who have started - a la the Kardashians - a beauty business together in this region. That's our cover story, and believe me when I say beauty and brains make for a compelling business proposition. When you think of Panama, don't think of the Panama Papers - there's much more to the gorgeous capital of this central American slip of a country - as our Travel feature seeks to explore. Are herbal teas really good for you? Read the (tea) leaves in Fit & Fab. Jamaican cuisine at its very best pops up on your table, thanks to Kitchen Classics. All this and much more.

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