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sushmita@khaleejtimes.com Filed on July 6, 2018

Can't believe it's already the beginning of the second half of the year! Now that we're officially into the 'latter' half of 2018, maybe it's time to revisit our New Year's resolutions - which, if I remember correctly, were mostly about being fit by working out and eating healthy. So... are you managing to keep your end of the 'resolve'? If you've been floundering (I have to say here: so have I!), then there's some good news: the UAE is playing host to a slew of new-age workouts; a few of them have been around for ages actually, but are now being reinvented (with a few tweaks) to get a life of their own - in sync with millennial trends. Barre, HIITasana, capoeira - these are some of the exercise trends, and believe me, there's something exhilarating about them: not only do they not fall into the "formated" (and, therefore, boring) groove, you can also customise them to suit your own rhythm and style. Here's wishing you all a fitter, more physically active second half of the year! You really have no excuse to not fall in line now!

Hair loss. That's something a lot of women - all over the world, not just in the UAE - are grappling with. Call it vanity or whatever, but balding patches seriously deal a body blow to self-confidence - maybe because great hair has always been celebrated as being your "crowning glory". How do women - and I'm saying women simply because (at the cost of sounding sexist) they care a little bit more about their tresses than men - cope with hairfall? What does it do to them psychologically? Or does it not affect them as much as hair transplant companies would like to believe? Find out...
When I read Khalid Mohamed's piece on a "hidden gem" - a movie called Kali Salwaar, released in 2002 - I wanted to watch it immediately (hadn't heard of it when it had a limited theatrical opening more than a decade and a half ago). Good news is it's now available on DVD and on some of the online streaming channels - which is how Khalid got to watch it recently. Nothing like turning the clock back and revisiting a missed chapter!

In Travel, go golfing in Ireland. What constitutes a good argument? (Hint: it can be healthy!) Shades of neon perking up goodies on beauty shelves. How the mismatch of red and pink has turned out to be a great match... All this and much more.
Enjoy reading WKND and have a great weekend.


Sushmita Bose

Sushmita, who came to Dubai in September 2008 on a whim and swore to leave in a year's time (but then obviously didn't), edits wknd., the KT lifestyle mag, and writes the Freewheeling column on the Oped page every Friday. Before joining Khaleej Times, she'd worked for papers like Hindustan Times and Business Standard in New Delhi, and a now-defunct news magazine called Sunday in Calcutta. She likes meeting people, making friends, and Facebooking. And even though she can be spotted hanging out in Dubai's 'new town', she harbours a secret crush on the old quarters, and loves being 'ghetto-ised' in Bur Dubai where she is currently domiciled.


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