Glorious shade of grey Filed on May 11, 2018
Glorious shade of grey

I chanced upon a 2017 campaign image of former supermodel Christie Brinkley (Uptown Girl, remember?), and almost fell from my chair: at 64, she'll put any 20-year-old to shame. While it's commonly believed that a female model's shelf life expires by the time she hits 25, on the other side of the spectrum, you have occasional cases where models who'd be considered "over the hill" are going strong because they look so young and are in such great shape. But the thing about Caroline Labouchere, our cover girl this time, is not that she doesn't look her age; she does, but she's a much-sought-after model. Welcome to a new trend which is being hashtagged 'Greynnaisance': mature women, who look their age, are being roped in to be faces of top brands (cases in point: Helen Mirren has been the face of Mango, Joan Didion of CÚline). Caroline, who is based in Dubai, took the 'model plunge' in her early 50s, and has not looked back. "When you show an older woman in a campaign not only does she have the power to inspire a younger person but also the power to inspire her generation," is what she says in a very inspiring feature on the new Age of Grey. Enjoy!

I cannot figure out trolling and online abuse: one reason why I steer clear of social media. But I know of so many people who post controversial stuff, and get torn to pieces - at least by certain quarters. I also wonder how "public figures" deal with this - because their "reps" are being roasted in public domains. We speak to a few and get their PoVs.

In Bollywood, there's a free-wheeling interview with Neetu Singh Kapoor: on what it's been like chucking up her career in favour of domesticity, her life as a 'star wife' and being mom to Ranbir Kapoor. Travel takes a boat ride down Stockholm. Fit & Fabulous dissects the Keto diet - the no-carbs one, in case you were wondering what on earth Keto is! Six different ways to cook rotisserie chicken in Kitchen Classics. How Ayurvedic cooking is coming of age - and why it's great for you. Quickie makeup tips for those pressed for time. Summer's here, so it's time to hit the beach: we have you covered in Fashion. Oh, also meet this Russian designer who's bringing regal fashion to Dubai - think Anna Karenina!
All this and much more.

Enjoy reading WKND and have a great weekend.


Sushmita Bose

Sushmita, who came to Dubai in September 2008 on a whim and swore to leave in a year's time (but then obviously didn't), edits wknd., the KT lifestyle mag, and writes the Freewheeling column on the Oped page every Friday. Before joining Khaleej Times, she'd worked for papers like Hindustan Times and Business Standard in New Delhi, and a now-defunct news magazine called Sunday in Calcutta. She likes meeting people, making friends, and Facebooking. And even though she can be spotted hanging out in Dubai's 'new town', she harbours a secret crush on the old quarters, and loves being 'ghetto-ised' in Bur Dubai where she is currently domiciled.


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