Boxed in... to thrill Filed on April 6, 2018
Boxed in... to thrill

Don't know about you, but, of late, life has become very boxed in. Everything comes in a box: gifts, invites, food... Boxes have become like pieces of art: I read somewhere that it doesn't matter what's inside a pretty box as long as you are completely taken in by its straight lines, its design and the ribbon holding it all together. Talk about packaging. In the UAE, boxes are also increasingly serving a larger purpose: lifestyles are being boxed in. Open a box and be thrilled to receive (subscribed) offerings for the month, week - or even day. Various aspects of your life are covered: fashion, beauty, food, books... What's more, everything is customised to fit in with your personality and needs. In our cover feature this time, we speak to a bunch of Box People, and find out why this trend - of getting a box of goodies delivered at your doorstep - is growing exponentially.

Monaco has a lot of associations for me. It's the place where Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief was shot (don't you just love that film? And somehow Monaco made it so much more special!). It's where actress Grace Kelly moved to (yes, she acted in To Catch A Thief) after marrying Prince Rainier, and became Princess of. It's where the annual Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is held at. Even 007 James Bond had a special bond with Monaco and its Casino de Monte Carlo. It's quite the life they lead there. This week, we're super pleased to get you a Travel story from this micro-state on the French Riviera. Enjoy!

We are what we eat. Speaking to Dr Nandita Shah, who believes that 'prevention is better than cure', we realise how true the adage is. The human body is a self-healing machine; we only need to ply it with high-quality fuel: good, healthy food. The Auroville-based doc gives us the lowdown on how to - and, believe me, it's actually quite simple: you need to love yourself, and, by extension, your body.

In Bollywood, find out why Rani Mukerji is still the Queen of Hearts. In Fit & Fab, find out how to make the best of juicing. In Kitchen Classics, we present a table-ful of baked savouries. In Fine Dining, get acquainted with a restaurant that serves Emirati seafood - it's quite the catch. In Beauty, there's a primer on hair care. All this and much more...

Enjoy reading WKND and have a great weekend.


Sushmita Bose

Sushmita, who came to Dubai in September 2008 on a whim and swore to leave in a year's time (but then obviously didn't), edits wknd., the KT lifestyle mag, and writes the Freewheeling column on the Oped page every Friday. Before joining Khaleej Times, she'd worked for papers like Hindustan Times and Business Standard in New Delhi, and a now-defunct news magazine called Sunday in Calcutta. She likes meeting people, making friends, and Facebooking. And even though she can be spotted hanging out in Dubai's 'new town', she harbours a secret crush on the old quarters, and loves being 'ghetto-ised' in Bur Dubai where she is currently domiciled.