Drive the Price Down

Drive the Price Down

As you all know, petrol prices in the UAE have taken an upward turn this month. Which only means that it's time to be a bit more cautious when on the road. Being safe and responsible goes without saying, but knowing the shortest routes and the traffic-packed roads will not just save you time, but also a pretty penny.

Published: Fri 7 Aug 2015, 11:59 AM

Last updated: Sun 9 Aug 2015, 1:08 PM

This week, we have some handy apps to help you manage your time (and costs!) better. So take a break from Google Maps and try these apps.

Known to be even better than Google Maps (yes, you heard that right), this app is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app, which means that all the information is gathered from its over-50 million users around the world. Not only does it provide live routing info and voice navigation, but you can find out about accidents or road closures in advance, sync your Facebook friends and send them your location or check out their estimated time of arrival (ETA) while heading to the same destination.

Don't understand all the costs associated with your vehicle? aCar is a user-friendly app to help owners follow and manage the different expense-related aspects of their car. All you have to do is fill in information about your vehicle (such as the make, model, engine size etc), and it tracks mileage, and sends you reminders regarding things such as your engine oil and air filter based on that. You can also calculate exactly how much you are spending on fuel.

Smart Salik
Ever been fined because you forgot to top up your Salik account on time? If you have, you'll know why the Salik app created by RTA is a godsend. It makes managing your Salik simpler than ever by allowing you to recharge your account (or your friends') with ease. There are loads of other functions such as balance enquiry and the feature that views your location, and lets you know where the toll gates and customer service locations are.

CoPilot GPS
Navigation apps are getting to be so common now they're almost a cliché. But the reason why CoPilot GPS stands out from the crowd is the fact that it is offline - perfect for those who prefer to rely on WiFi rather than a data pack. Other than the offline navigation, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and a routing function that helps you avoid delays and traffic, you can also sync it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get step-by-step directions to a place. Neat.
Compiled by Janice Rodrigues

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