Don’t bottle it up

Bottled up Anger (Oct 12) is a very relevant topic these days, as parenting has become a challenge. Being a teenager, I have also displayed so-called “passive aggressive” traits 
towards my parents.

Honestly, I thought it was the best way to react when angry, until I saw my brother doing the same with my parents.

It is rightly said that to 
understand your mistakes, you must look at yourself from the outside. Now I agree with the writer’s view on expressing anger in a positive way. It helps the family avoid unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings.

Children, nowadays, are exposed to a much larger world; it’s very difficult for a parent to check the 
content their child is exposed to, or to understand why they behave in such a manner.

Spending more time with the child would only do good. And that’s where gadgets are a problem now. Parents are always on their smartphones, and children on tablets and headphones. There is hardly any meaningful or friendly interaction within families.

Whenever you get angry, think for a moment, and try to understand the issue at hand before reacting.

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Living it, loving it

Life begins at 60 (Oct 12) made for excellent reading. The sixties are 
indeed no longer about retirement, but about rekindling old passions and interests that the trials of youth didn’t allow time for. Ties that bind and gag are old enough to take care of themselves; that means many of the grey-haired brigade have time and money on their hands.

Whereas the twenties and thirties are all about setting the foundation for your future, and the forties and fifties about maintaining that foundation, the sixties are about reaping rewards! With the right kind of insurance, good savings, a good health regime and a loving companion, the sixties are probably the best time of one’s life. In fact, if you take a look at most tourist destinations, you find a lot of 60-plus couples that now have the time and money to spend on their interests. Even workplaces are seeing a surge in the number of sexagenarian ‘consultants’. With their experience to fall back on and good health, they are giving many of the young ones a run for their money. These are indeed the golden years.

Anjali Venugopal, Dubai

Learn to love

The article Bottled up Anger (Oct 12) outlined many ways to deal with children who have trouble expressing their feelings. In addition to those mentioned in the article, I feel spending more time with your children 
and loving them unconditionally is very important.

Many parents have so many 
expectations from their children, often pushing them to extremes, yet they fail to understand that their children have much need of their support and love. Even small things like hugging your child, listening to his/her fears and praising his/her talents make a huge difference in how much his/her children open up to parents. Those finding a wall between themselves and their child, would do well to incorporate these small acts of love in their relationship, and at the same time think back to the time when they were children. They will realise that this too is a phase — it will pass.

Dr Nikita Carvalho, Dubai

His lofty highness

Reclining on the couch, with a pot of steaming Maggi in one hand and wknd. in the other, Indrajit Hazra happened to shake me with mirth with his Last Laugh (Oct 12).

Living in a skyscraper is not as 
exhilarating as it would seem. Your wish list would have to make do with seeing a procession walking down your dwelling a lot clearer than teeny microscopic organisms, and much more than waving a blockheaded goodbye to an invisible friend.

Gone are the days you could fling an empty coke can out of your 
window, finding contentment in hearing it kiss the ground with a thud. If you ever attempt to do so from the 31st floor, you might just be held for homicide!

Sreelakshmi Satheesh, Sharjah

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