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Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020, 6:16 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2020, 8:19 PM

It's very easy for stress to build in during pandemic. The lockdown lows, medical and financial fears tend to pile on you. Working from home (as many of you still may be) and inability to catch up with friends every now and then can only add to it.
It's important to note that stress reduces your immunity considerably and hence it's important to control it while you still can. Simple additions to regular diet can help you tackle stress.
. Have fish twice a week. Fish is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which is not only anti-inflammatory but also increases your immunity. Opt for salmon or sardines.
. Spice up your food. Spices not only up lift your mood, they're also anti-inflammatory. So, use turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and garlic liberally in your diet. Having half cup of turmeric milk before going to bed or adding cinnamon and ginger to your tea every day can actually increase the release of antibodies from the body. Their strong aroma and flavour decreases your stress levels and changes the mood.
. There's absolutely nothing wrong in grabbing a piece of dark chocolate once in a day. Select a chocolate having 80 per cent cocoa. Not only does it make you feel sated, it also boosts your immunity.
. Berries are a good way to add colour and antioxidants to your diet. Nibbling on fruits like strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and black currant lower cortisol levels, thereby easing the stress. Have them in your mid-day snack or throw them in your cereal bowl or smoothies.
. Oatmeal is another food that helps calm-inducing hormone serotonin flow. Go with thick-cut, old-fashioned oats that require cooking instead of instant oatmeal. Having it at least four times in a week can actually help you calm down.
. Sip in some herbal teas. The warm, soothing drinks actually calm hyperactivity of the brain. The antioxidants and flavonoids relieve anxiety and stress. It also tackles insomnia. For example, a cup of chamomile tea is beneficial in that its anti-bacterial, muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, and sedative properties make it perfect during these times.
. Having sips of infused water every now and then can help remove toxins from the body, thus making you more active. Throw in some strawberries or basil or mint in water and keep sipping in whole day.

By Deepshikha Agarwal, nutritionist

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