Churrasco at its best

Churrasco at its best

Tucano, the churrascaria, is as Brazilian as one can hope for in Dubai

By Roopa Kurian

Published: Thu 12 Dec 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 13 Dec 2019, 1:00 AM

Al fresco dining, with the iconic Atlantis in the background and the sea shimmering under the starlit skies, coupled with hand-selected fine, prime beef cuts and meats smoked to perfection by chef Rodrigo Ramos ­ -  and the setting is perfect for an enchanting evening. That is Tucano for you, the newly opened, vibrant Brazilian steakhouse (churrascaria) where guests can experience Brazil through the authentic food and beverages - authentic because not only are the chefs from Brazil following traditional recipes, but most of the ingredients are sourced from there, too. Even the Graviola (soursop) and Acerola berry (a power fruit) used for the juices are brought in from Brazil according to the delightful restaurant manager, Andrea Fonseca, whose compelling energy seemed infectious. The Churrasco (meaning barbeque) experience included an extensive salad bar with a wide selection of cheese and side dishes including Feijoada, rice, veggies, farofa and garlic bread, and, of course, meats cooked to perfection - sirloin, rump steak, hump steak, lamb chops, chicken hearts and more.
A live band and dancers on the upper level - again with indoor and outdoor seating with an astounding sea view - allows guests the option of indulging in some entertainment before joining the churrascaria downstairs. The Brazilian chocolate truffles, coconut truffles and the Palha italiana de limao (lemon pie) provided the right ending to a very satisfying meal.

Taste: The meat was succulent and flavourful at every bite. It was crispy and charred on the outside and just so juicy inside with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio. The starters - Coxinha (Chicken croquettes) and Mandioca frita (fried cassava) with Aiolli sauce and the Brazilian Vinaigrette sauce  - need special mention.

Ambience: Done in trendy, bold patterns and bright colours, Tucano is one of a kind - with the entertainment contributing to the very Brazilian setting. The outdoor dining area adds to the delectable meal with the lit-up Atlantis, providing a sublime feel.

Service: Hospitable and charming seem to be the middle names of the staff at Tucano as they made us feel special. The origins and ingredients of each dish were explained, and all our needs catered to. Serving happened without any 'wait time' - all this without being overpowering.

Presentation: Food was served Brazilian style. The chefs in their butcher aprons, with large skewers of meat at the table, made for a unique experience. The cutlery included a pair of tongs to hold the meat while it was carved for you. The porcelain came in different shapes, designs and colours adding to the vivacious décor.

Value for money: At Dh190 per head, the churrasco experience is value for money, especially with the meat being the finest USDA prime cuts. Dining by the seaside is always a pleasure and Tucano would be a good choice for New Year's Eve.
Tucano, The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Contact: 04-5682142
Cost for two: Dh380
Rating: 4/5

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