Bombay Shirt Company: Disrupting the way people buy shirts


Bombay Shirt Company: Disrupting the way people buy shirts
Shirts from Bombay Shirt Company are 'Designed by you, crafted by us'. It is a combination of two brands - us and you!

We seldom acknowledge the fact that the most important part of personality and dressing is the shirt. Recently, we met Nikita Shah, owner of the Bombay Shirt Company franchise here in Dubai, who aims to dress each of her customers in shirts unique to their personality. and, in the process, change the way people shop for shirts. Excerpts of an interview with WKND.

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Published: Fri 21 Jun 2019, 12:23 PM

What are the trends that you see in shirt dressing?
What customers are increasingly realising is that the 'fit' of a shirt is the most important aspect for a great look and are no longer willing to compromise with off-the-rack shirts that don't fit perfectly. 
Secondly, more and more customers want their clothes to reflect their individual personality. With the shirt being the most prominent part of the dress, they want something truly unique not just for special events but for regular daily wear as well.
Both of these, great fit and unique personality matched designs, are difficult to find in regular brands. And that's where Bombay Shirt Company comes in.
What does Bombay Shirt Company stand for?
Our focus, as a brand, is on letting the personality of the wearer come to the fore by way of unique customisation options and a perfect fit. This, we believe, is a true luxury. We have simplified the art of designing a shirt and made it super easy, unique and fun experience.
Whether you design your shirt in our store with guidance from our experienced stylists or you do it online with our user-friendly interface, your shirt will beautifully represent you.
Our shirts are truly 'Designed by you, crafted by us'.  Hence, a Bombay Shirt Company product is a combination of two brands - us and you!
We take the 'crafted by us' part very seriously and combine old-school tailoring and finesse with new-age technologies. Tremendous amount of care goes into fabric-sourcing, shirt manufacturing and quality control to give you something that is truly of global luxury brand quality. All of this personalisation in a custom-made branded shirt delivered to your home at an unbeatable price of Dh195 onwards. 
So, how are you changing the way people buy shirts?
Our typical customer could come in through word-of-mouth referrals at our DIFC store, select from our collection of over 1,000 fabrics, enjoy the brand's unique shirt design experience with stylists and get measured by our master tailors.
Once the first set of shirts is perfected, their measurements are permanently stored in the system, and they have the freedom to design their shirts online with our augmented reality-like tool and get them delivered in a perfect fit.
How is it an experience for Father's Day?
Designing your Bombay Shirt is a unique experience and hence, the ultimate Father's Day gift. We've had sons and daughters regularly gifting personalised shirts to their dads.
Actually, even better, we've had father-son, and even father-daughter, duos come and design shirts for each other. What can be better than spending quality time together with such an experience and play it back every time you wear the shirts?
Visit or drop by in our DIFC, Central Park Towers, Dubai store and get spoilt for choice. Call: 042400778/ Email:

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