Fasting while travelling? Here are some tips that will help

Fasting while travelling? Here are some tips that will help

Two UAE travel bloggers share their experience and advice

Published: Fri 10 May 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 17 May 2019, 11:17 AM

Ramadan is the most important month of the year for Muslims around the world as they will be enjoying a spiritual boost. For many, however, this month will also include some form of travelling, whether it is for business, leisure or religious reasons such as the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

Personally, when I travel during Ramadan, I try to ensure I can either fast depending on the duration of travel or that I miss only one fast rather than multiple ones. All this, of course, depends on your destination, your health and your transportation mode. Islam is a beautiful religion that doesn't put more burden on people than what they can handle, so it gives the option to not fast during this time. However, you do have to make up the fast later.

Here are some of my tips for fasting while visiting another country:
I have found that it is easier to fast while travelling by car, rather than having to catch a plane which takes several hours. If I will be flying, I always try to avoid very long distances.

I will make sure to book a flight that leaves close to Maghrib time so then I can break my fast while in the air or at the airport.

Make sure you pack healthy snacks that can keep you full for longer. Let's be honest, I am sure I am not the only one who starts travelling and feels hunger pretty much rightaway. If this sounds familiar, make sure you pack healthy snacks such as protein bars, nuts, dates, fruits and wholemeal that can keep you full for longer. We use a lot of energy during travel so we do get hungry much faster.

My last tip is to prepare for the day before you travel and make dua, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of liquids if you decide to fast on your journey. This will make it easier for you to contain your hunger and concentrate during those hours of travelling.

Elena Nikolova
Is the founder of You can follow her on Instagram or on Facebook @muslimtravelgirl
As a culinary student, I've found that I have to travel a lot of late. Travel has progressively become a huge part of everyone's life, myself included. Last year, I had to travel during Ramadan and it was hard. I remember many friends and Instagram followers asking me how that was possible, and how I could maintain my fast while in another place. That's why I think it would be immensely helpful to readers and followers if I share some of my top fasting tips and experiences, while travelling, here.

1) Try visiting a Muslim country: It may be easier as they will have similar practices.

2) Visit a country with shorter fasting time: As you probably know, the time of sunrise and sunset differ from country to country, which affects your fasting time.

3) Carry dates with you: They're a quick, nutritious snack to help you break fast when you're out and about.

4) Avoid activities that are tiring: This can vary from person to person, but if you know it will drain you of your energy maybe save it for another time.

5) Stay in the shade whenever possible: You don't want to feel dehydrated, right?
6) Ensure you do not skip suhoor: This will help you keep your fast while travelling. I recommend you start your suhoor with one fruit, a cup of yoghurt or milk.

7) Make a small iftar pack: Some dates, a small bottle of water, etc can go a long way.

8) Try not to eat oily foods: I've found that these make you thirstier later.

9) After iftar: Eat some dried fruits and drink sharbat or a sweet drink after you are done with your meal.

I hope these tips come in handy when planning a trip during Ramadan.

Nasrin Khodadadi
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